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Forest guys)

Happens all the time to me too :D he can be unkillable at times.


ofc it's totally different -_- when u play tb mid u have to take soul steal but it wasn't what I was talking about


this is bad really playing with soul steal its a total waste of points
Tb is good using Conjured lvl 1 and stats . Like this ur illu will tank a lot creeps in forest and illu only cost 85 mana lvl 1 . Its the best way of constant farming with tb.
The build with radiance is good when u are playing against bm , nerubian weaver cause its usefull buy nowadays we all saw that S&Y and butter is really better


I semi-agree. Stats and images is harder to jungle early, and you have to head back to fountain a couple of times. with soul steal, you actually do more damage and you never have to go back to fountain, so you might actually farm faster? I agree though, that's 4 wasted abilities, which is the equivalent of +8 to all stats. I think if you're good, images are the way to go! But noobs like me go lifesteal cuz it's easier haha =D

Make sure you buy stout shields if you going images o_O


my favourite jungle heros:


Yeah I don't know why so many people left out Chen as a jungling hero lol. He's obviously the best one hahaha


Like 2 days ago I met a sniper. He could the basics and a little about items. He went treads and s&y. He had free farm, that's why he had his items. Our picks was horrible but when we managed to kill some1 it was allways sniper lasthitting. And then when he got his treads he suddenly buy BoT and keep both :S. Then me and my mates asking him: why 2 boots? Then his like, can't you see why? then you can figuire out why.

So my question is ;) why do he have both bot and treads? now1 got the answer :O

So bad i couldn't upload a pic :P imba sniper of doom


Might i guess that he was using them for the TP ? In all stupidity, that might be his logic, i dont know ...


Ye it was my thought too but still it makes no sence :P


Hope you don't mind i wrote on the wrong thread^^ supposed to be on "funniest thing you have seen" :


I think if you put 2 top or 2 bot and let 1 hero at about level 3 or 5 shoot off into the bushes and kill 2 creep spots then join lane constantly allows for you to bush successfully and uninterrupted by the enemy and there wards because it would be a waste to put wards early game in bushes if you always in the lane every minute or so...
Bushing a hero is a good way but it all depends on who does it,how well they play and how well there team holds there lanes...what heroes you up against as well plays a BIG part.
Thats my opinion.


Sooo watch this shit !
Best hero for jungle is Terrorblade ! WHY?! , life drain 1. to top.... just farm farm, when some 1 went for ya in jungle just change hp and kill its soo fcking the best.. -.- " , and some wards up is always gd.. farm for radiance..


it's a great oportunity 4 the team . cuz 1 herogains more lvl .



I really dont understand why Enchantress never jungle? The heal is imba +charm creep skill. If u are afraid to die just put out ward here and there.


undying forest....20 mins, gold = 4k or more


why no1 mentioning syllabear and engima ?


InF-AciD wrote:
I think that if u play vs good team u cant cuz they will set an obs and gang u you will be low lvl and no items , then u will lose

If you have a hero that can farm since level 1 ( for instance naix,centaur,dark seer,enigma etc) and make sure you dont get ganged by having a team mate plant wards to cover the entrances to your jungle(1 ward at rune spot on your side and one somewhere near the acces way from the lower lane, if you play sentinel, and upper lane if you play scourge).
Like Deltron- said in his post, you can take advantage of potential gang atempts on you by waving wards placed and your close lane team mates ready to jump in and counter gang.






Axe ftw :)


I hate they changed the old jungler out there, and also beating roshan at lvl 7 with only a basilus...but now i think lica or chen are the best junglers :P


allen wrote:

I really dont understand why Enchantress never jungle? The heal is imba +charm creep skill. If u are afraid to die just put out ward here and there.



Falconate wrote:
I do not agree. I've meet an imba terrorblade with that build (though he went solo lane mid) but anyhow he went soul steal and straight radiance, went forest on like lvl 5-7 or something. He won the game almost alone. Pushed all 3 lanes alone and when we were about to push. Gangbang dead GG


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