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Tweet DotA 6.77 AI Map Download

DotA 6.77 AI Plus Map Download. As the official DotA 6.77 came out with a little changes to the gameplay, it didn't take much time for the AI team to port the bots to v6.77. This map has came from the same Chinese developer who released the unofficial DotA 6.76c AI. So, here's the new DotA 6.77 AI until PBMN's version comes out.

Download :

Version Notes:

Supports DotA v6.77
Ported from PleaseBugMeNot's DotA v6.74c AI v1.3b
Phoenix lag with Sun Ray has been fixed
Arc Warden and Winter Wyvern are tend to cast more spells.

Thanks to Ciel for this map. We'll update this post with official AI map as soon it comes out. Till then, you can enjoy playing this version.


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