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LF D2 Team Solo/Supp/Initiator

Hello folks!
As the topic says I'm looking for a team, so here's my application:

What I'm looking for:

- High skilled team consisting of friendly, mature people with regular and specific training times as well as certain goals.
- People from Europe/US
- Playing on European, Russian and US servers

General Information about me:

-My name: Alex
-Age: 21
-Beta key: yes
-Have been playing since: 2006; Beta since: 03.07.2012;
-600+ games played so far 49-50% win rate
-Microphone: yes
-Languages: Fluent English, Latvian, Russian
-High internet speed and a hell of a rig if streaming is needed

About myself:

- I’m able to play 7 days a week during summer a minimum of 4 days from September on due to studies.
- I prefer support/initiator roles as well as mid/carry ones.
- My fav. Heroes: Warlock, Lesh, Clock, NS, just to name a few
- Least fav. Heroes: Pudge, Potm, Sf
-I’m aiming for a fast progress through amateur and professional leagues to be able to participate in high level championships by the end of the year.

Contact: Skype: Macintosh911, or PM here. :)


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