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Can someone give me Invoker Guide [ Skills,items,combinations with magic like meteor[EEW]+Defeansblast[QWE] etc. ..] . I need replay on 1.22a version of War3TFT [ Guide replay , tournament etc.] with Invoker. Thx !


why do you need guide ... what are you interested in ?


you can find it in


yeah nice hero =)


emp tornado


meteor and then give deafening blast..
quickly invoke tornado or blink and giv ice wall


You cant just read a guide about one hero and think you'll be good at the game, read the art of mind games and practice with a lot of heroes in the beginning.


There are 2 ways to play Invokaaaa successfully, which means there are 2 good builds.

As allready mentioned the EMP/Tornado Supporter build is good. Basically you skill W first and second Q and Invoke on all possible levels. EMP (click 3 times w) is a skill to drain mana from the enemy and damaging him 0.5 hp for each drained mana. The casting range is awesome, but it needs 3.5 secs until it activates (the emp). That is why we skill Tornado (QWW). You use EMP first, then Tornadeo to hold the enemy in 1 place and gg mana. And everybody knows that a hero without mana is shit. Items for him are 2 Bracer, Phase Boots, Euls for ms and more Mana drain. Use the same way as the Tornadeo/Emp combo, just euls instead of tornado. While you play u always have max www for imba ms. After that Guinso, Diffusal, Skadi, Hot, Necro book or something like that. Adding to that you can use Windwalk (QQW) to escape out of fights pretty easily ;)

Second Build is the carry Build. It is basically a Q/E skill based build. You skill Exort till level 4, lvl 2 and 7 invoke and also Quas till lvl 4 and 1 level Wex. SO basically at lvl 11 you can use EEQ for the Lava things :D 2 Summons ( to get 2 you need q and e lvl 4) who drain 1 (later 2) armor each attack on the enemy hero for 5 secs (stacks). Combined with Invokers passive Exort damage it can do a hell lot of damage. Basically you run with the skill qwe and eew to make a hell lot of damage in team fights. Adding to that you can use sunstrike (EEE) to last hit enemies. After lvl 11 you skill first exort and then quas till end, so the summonings get more powerfull. Recomended Items are 3 Bracer + Power Treads Str. After that Guinso/Desolator/Orchid/Skadi etc. You also need 1 W skilled for your Meteorit (EEW) or Windwalk (WQQ).

Thats all... I like the EMP/Tornado build because of the imbaaaaaa MS and mana drain ;).

Strong enemies are Orchid, Guinso, Lina, Lion, Doom, Omni


I promise, its more than 2 ways, im not a fan of invoker but since he got over 5 magics with different abilites, there is more then 2 ways


Johndaime wrote:
I promise, its more than 2 ways, im not a fan of invoker but since he got over 5 magics with different abilites, there is more then 2 ways

yeah its true..u must creative bcoz invoker got many spells


foZe wrote:

stop spamming you!~ grrr :$


thanks ;D!~


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