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mouz join Ks, vigoss too

That team will rape everything ^^


yes for sure, they even can have 2 monster-lines-up


Wow, just wow.. That's an insane team.


hm i think there are too many members in the team ... will be interesting to see who will leave...


Vigoss n kuroky..
But,Fnatic is all the way better=)


i think it depends on how well they integrate the euros...
coz if theres sumkind of communication barrier the "monster"-lu wont work out at all =/


with vigoss they will pwn all


Vigoss gonna be kicked in some weeks, trust me on this ;)


You mean by MYM?


i know it he played on sp league and pubs with friends 1 week ago,tell me reason plz.if u know ofc


game over )


More because he doesnt fit in any international team, he doesnt even use vent..


That's awesome!


yeah that is so solo pro xD


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