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Chuck Norris Dota Facts !

rofl :))


uhm ... Chuck Norris can fly ?:D


i don`t know if it`s necesary :D



DotA 6.40
Fixed a bug with Chuck Norris causing his
Roundhouse Kick to kill everything on the map except dead heroes.
Dead heroes will now be killed as well, as intended.


ahahahahaha that's nice :D


rofl :D imba funny :D


Ultimate time-killer and stomach-pain causer :D




its like ganking a fountain with level 1 hero........


killer :)))
God i love Chuck Norris jokes! =))




Cheers!!! i would like to see him making 1 of those wards.


You don`t mess with the Chuck ... he gangs alone ...


LOLOLOL this is excellent!!! xD

ouch my tummy T_T


Verry funny



cant stop laughing


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