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Linken's Sphere or BKB

Linken's Sphere or BKB ???
mm ? ^_^


on wtf linken sphere


on wtf linken sphere


Haha linken's is rarely used, it blocks to few spells to be worth it when bkb takes away (almost) everything. If you would use linkens then you would meet enemies that has to much aoe disable/dmg, more single targeted spells even though it should not be the whole team :P
I strongly recommend bkb before linkens if you are not sure about what to buy


It will depends of the game ofc... But is so rare someone go to likens!


Carrys need BKB!


Linken is for WTF mode..


lol ......


LOL,you used linken sphere on WTF mode? its forbidden item.Im think Linken sphere must die ))) my choise BKB


Yeah~Who cares, this is to counter Zues...





BKB is better than linken's in just about every single situation. Don't play linken's sphere.


You all are being so superficial about linkes, it give hp/mp regen, more hp/mp, the magic protection, a bit of dmg.
Is not usual go to linkens on carry hero, but on support/ganker? U can go easy, puck, qop, potm, heroes that go need so many mp and ever are focus, are good to likens... At least each game is a game. U have to be ready to all possible estrategy.
Linkes is better to some situations!


I'd still say I'd rather buy guinsoo/necrobook/shivas/orchid instead of linkens on support heroes


And i must say: All builds depend of the game.
U cant start think build before check lanes.



Most the build are really depend on the game!



bkb for me


Depends...If your a public player (thing you are asking this stupid question), It could be worth going linken as none will Teamplay anyway..But also its not really great stats for example Leoric, Sven,Nevermore


and I guess it depends on what hero you are playing and which enemy you are facing..........


Yeah Makario, Acme already mention about this earlier~ :D


generally you go bkb BUT if u got omni in your team you should go linken's cause if you have repel diffusal blade triggers linken's and doesn't removes repel



u sure gougou? Nice information, thx for sharing!


ofc i'm sure


Linken sucks go BKB,on wtf linken is forbiden and nouse :( in normal games i rather go for BKB coz more heroes need it ....



I dont think 6.56 BKB are sucks..Dagger / Linken will be a good replacement


wtf linken sphere


i guess you are right artemus ...


BKB was nerved a bit but it's still good enough and in some games or on some heroes it's simply a must-have!


Linkens is better in smaller games where the enemy has a a few hardhitting spells.
Better on support in those cases too.


Linkens is nicer to build up but not as effective :)


it depends on the hero of the opponent,...

if your hero is the TANKER like Dragon Knight,use the BKB but if yo are a support hero like Zeus,use the linken sphere for the unlimited mana,... ^^


Not all tanker use BKB, sometimes it is not suitable.

Think about it, u is the Tanker, if u get BKB, your opponent can't Nuke/Magic on u, and they will start to aim ur teamates..Means you failed to Tank those Magic damage for your mates.

Hood of Defiance is the core item for tanker.

Have u ever see Axe or CW use BKB in tourneys?


bkb makes me look mighty !


4 gankers like qop, fd... and support like omni i think it is better linkens( like gougou says :D)


due to the nerf of BKB in 6.56+ don't even think to get it in any other hero than leoric and tinker imo.


BkB it is good in late game almoust 4 all heroes... :))


you forgoten luna or :) ? and dragon knight sometimes but i don't konw about him 100% but luna ... :)


imo in 6.56.+ luna doesn't even worth to get picked due to the new changelog she does almost double time to kill a hero even if they r alone with no creeps.But if u pick her bkb is a good choice.(we could add broodmother to the game but also doesn't worth as a pick anymore even if she is also still OP)


I think BKB is for Channeling Spells and Linken's Sphere can used all heros...

I prefer Linken's Sphere...


linkens is amazing cause it blocks ults, in some cases bkb does not.


BKB, because in a fight so active and you will not fall any power!


Liken is better than BKB for queen imo !


BKB ftw!


When there is one stunner in the enemy team, or just 2, and they dont have uber heroes like Puck, Lina, QoP, then use linken. Else BKB. At public you play only vs agi heroes, so if needed buy there linken. At cw's BKB is far better


ofcourse BKB


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