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Hey guys,

Just wanted some opinions on this.. If not from the SK guys then someone who really knows what theyr'e talking about :P

Troll, at level 16+ with any sort of decent items (Satanic/Helm of the Dominator, Bashers etc).. What way do you go about taking him down.. Seems like an impossible task as he steals more hp with his attack speed than most hero's can take from him... I cant see how anymore does it unless you have 2+ stun on him at the same time


And Disable ofcourse*


Don't let him farm and don't go 1v1 with him.


If you can stun him and have good dps you can kill him easy. Troll is dangerous if in his team are aoe stuners that let him like 10 secs of free fun.


i think morted with same items should kill him ... evasion (= no perma stun) and criticals for 1000 hp really hurt :)
maybe terorblade with ultimate and copies ...


slow him and he die


Hex ftw


guy's doesn't anyone know the true hisotry of the troll warrior ...? :( the thing is that .. his ...:/ will drives him to be the best and nothing can stop the pOwer of will ... im'a let you in on the story ..:) When the Sentinel first gathered their forces, The Troll Warriors were considered primitive and unreliable. Their pride wounded, many refused to join, some even considering siding with the Scourge. Only a hotheaded young Warlord called Jah'rakal joined the Sentinel. Known as "Blinding Axe" in troll tongue, both for the blinding speed of his axes and his trademark blind technique, his unstoppable rampages have already made him a legend among his Allies. However Jah'rakal fights not for the Sentinel, or even to defend the Ancients, but to show Elves, Men, Orcs and anyone else that trolls are the best fighters in the world. =DDD (stun's and crit's are the purest of them all).


robocopvn... Well said. Respect.


Disables + guinsoo = gg


bKb >;) i rest my case.


and i don t know why do bashers
in my experience it pays off more to do traveld/healm of dominator/butterfly
simply because with good ms from travels lifesteal from dominator and attackspeed from butterfly + his ulty turn that 10% stun into perma stun quite quickly and even if u wake up for 1/2 sec he will catch u and lock u down again and again until u die
without a proper disable even 3 ppl could die against well fed troll
mortred alone doesn t stand a chance imo


yep mortred is chanceless..
but mb terrorblade as said above
lion will rape him in early game btw :p


Late game too, with dagon and refresher and aganim and skadi and heart :)))))




void is lose to troll coz troll got blind +buterfly + died miss whole attck when fight!
void ulti cant kill troll! if troll blind void!


bkb and ult > blind




well anyone can tell me how can make troll more fast fat in game? troll will lose with nercrolyte with his ulti be low half hp just died!


do satanic u ll never be low on life :D


yeah but when necro casts ulti you will be stunned for 1.5 sec and with other stuns+disable you will die :D


bkb and satanic then :D


bkb has cooldown :D


get refresher ;)


no more slots and a waste of money


Disable + gank. Don't ever let him free-farm. Obs. Wards woods etc. Then he sux.


You tree him with furion and run for your life


For those of you who keep saying bkb... It doesn't work against stun and that's not a spell effect.

So that's a complete waste of an item.


get beastmaster


Against a farmed out troll it can be very tough.

Super fast
Life Leach

As mentioned any kind of disable is great if you're intel
If you're strength i'd suggest beefcaking it along with fast attack+crit
Agility, Bfly for the evasion

Edit: Denying early and harassing (if possible) are...the best options instead of entertaining an angry fed troll


troll need MEGAULTRAHYPERSONICUNSTOPABLE attack speed, just make Butterfly, hyperstone, HoD (before satanic), Basher (to give a permabash), and a PT.


haha..1 on 1 Yurnero>>>Troll ^_^ if you are on teams, tinker is a good option. Altough troll uses BKB you still can shoot him, since the dmg type is physical (if i'm not mistaken)


1.After Atropos's. 1st skill troll lose -80% damage
3.DooM's ultimate = disable bush


I think illuheroes and strong disablers like atropos can take him down ;>


juz Hex + 1~ 2 stun hero
i.e > (Rhasta + Lion )supporter+ (Beastmaster or others...)< Killer= K.O (Troll)


yeah.. Lion! Stun>StickyFingaz> then HELP ^^


''You tree him with furion and run for your life" I think its good! :D


No Comment


Troll a.k.a Heart Stopppper.


hex fo sho


Trolla bort honom!

Nah, but srsly. Disables ftw :P


i think only can escape from troll only with guniso rhasta :D:D:D


just rape him down, lol,..


@ Tompa


U have disables on your team to that.
The name of game is
Defence of the ancients (Or something like that)
Not Defende the Ancients alone!!
:) Call all your team and kik him out of game.


ClockWerk goblin = imba


oh wtf ! :@


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