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Most annoying hero in dota?

Techies and Nerubian Asassin


templar assassin ..




Rikimaru, gotta love him




zeus is very big spamer and bb is big spamer 2
na with his mana burn u can't hold the lane against this hero and because of that he always go on ban in CW :D


Tinker with guinsoo (omg is wtf mode)
Nerubian Assassin


1. Riki - Really annoying lategame
2. PL - Also lategame when he has all this illusions everywhere
3. Nerub Assasin - His ulti is so annoying sometimes
4. Pudge - If u play against a good pudge
5. Techies - Suicide mission
6. Sacred Warrior - Ulti


Juggernaut :E


Btw. mose anoying heroes for me are Kunkka,Nerubian,Sacred Warrior,Riki. and idk.. i have more but cant remember atm just woke up




I'm too good to have a nemesis. :)


silencer n dp(death prophet)


Techies..especially if it's controlled by a pro.


All range heroes when you are melee in early game ^^


Snowflake wrote:
kotl with mana leak.



techies and lion


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