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best server for world-pvp?

hi, I´m thinking about rerolling after a break for more then a year. I´m addicted to pvp and world-pvp in general, so what´s the best server for that in ur opinion?

read: world-pvp = raiding citys in old-wow and new-tbc


wuts dat, no world-pvp at all?


Doesn't exist anymore. Supposedly making some sort of come back in WOTLK though... although if Halaa and the lvl60 world pvp objectives are anything to go by...


Server: Gorgonnash
Guild: Serenity
Serenity does weekly PVP raids on Org, UC, TB and stops top Horde guilds from raiding (BT, Tempest) very fun guild that does a lot of world pvp and tons of premades


I would say tichondius US > all

but u r German...


there are much more servers but dont play on Blutdurst(Destro+eredar)...would say Schattenbrand,Glutsturm or Hinterhalt

Schattenbrand - Mughtol/Dalvengyr/Taerar/Veklor
Glutsturm - Blackrock,Azshara,Blackmoore(all 3 Full :/),Arthas
Hinterhalt- Dethecus

Sturmangriff Suxx,Blutdurst is best RP but Queues too high, but if u nt care Eredar is german best PvP Server i think


tahnsk for the replys so far - any more suggestions for rerolling on a europe server?


Pm me/Add me Icq etc then i can help u better ;)


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