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mage or warlock

Mage or Warlock for pvp cant choose :s


hinRr wrote:
Mage or Warlock for pvp cant choose :s

On 3.2 Lock rulz madafaka


Mage! Lots and lots of more action atleast, warlock playstyle is pretty lame


mage: spam frostnova blink win
locks : send pet SB SB DOT DOT win(kinda like hunter)

choose :P

this is my friend in his twink




Mage frost/arcana




mage best !! lock sucks


PlayHardGoPro wrote:
mage best !! lock sucks

u r mom sucks :D


well, i suggest you to pick mage, not many ppl like the gameplay of warlocks..


I find mages more fun, but try both and then decide..although wow right now its a bit fucked..:(


Waaaarlock rulezz :)




Don't listen to mages who think they understand true power.
Go Warlock


I believe that Mage is good at PvP on the other hand
Warlocks rulez at raid =)


Warlock ofc


ima lock. but id say a mage, youll be miserable at 80 with a lock




RedDLine wrote:


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