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Favourite PVP class!

Wich class in world of warcraft is your favourite to play in PvP?

Mine is a Gnome Mage Especially an ugly Male Gnome, cause it feel's bad ass to own someone totally with a Gnome Male :) (When he is ugly ofc :D)






ELF hunter lvl 70 :)


Hunter and Death Knight


Shadow Priest


Human female rogue and undead female priest :)


Restoration Shaman !


unholy DROOD



idd, mage and hunter, but ofc hunter>mage


Holy Pala :)


Rogue. although I'm sure druid could be fun too, nothing quite beats sneaking up on somebody.


Shaman and hunter I'd say. The hunter can be redicilously easy or very complex, depends on how much you make of it as a player!


Shadow Priest and Disc Priest ftw !


Elemental Shaman is great fun. :) Destro lock is also quite funzz.




Affliction Lock/Disco Priest




Prot warrior. Even with the warbringer and Str scaling nerfs


fire/frost mage


Rogue, hunter


Paladin - priest shadow


in mop they are all good


Fury warrior


Vi0lett wrote:
Shadow Priest


Sub Rogue


sub rogue also :3


Frost Mage, Sub Rouge, Retri Pala


Right know I'm really enjoying shadow priest. The burst damage if done right is just stupid!


Fmage and Warlock :D


Affliction Lock


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