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"Finally the temporary guild "25 november" choosed a new name,which probably will top eny wow/raidings webpages and pretty all the world firsts.
Ensidia has been declared the new official name,filled up with Nihilum and Sk-gaming members as you should already know.
Within this week a new webpage/community should be available."


As for the news i find interesting the "with the support and endorsement of a private entity based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates" part.
The name itself...meh i really dont like it..nihilum was so much better (also was sk but i dont think they would continue using that one..)


is a good name, good luck ensidia


im not saying its bad,just nihilum pwned more ( in my opinion)
Does Ensidia have eny meaning?


I guess Ensidia just sounds cool after a few beers ? Anyway, what's important is, they'll be getting all the world firsts... UNLESS... Unless nothing they're just going to do it anyway.


haha yeah unless there is an ego crash between gms,but dont think so, those people are already professionals


Very nice IDEA ^^ , ty


wow that sounds cool, i hope you guys good luck...
btw am kinda curious about the name of that company or supporter i may know it cause i am an Emarati (Local) my self xD , i can be some kind of a representative for SK gaming here in the UAE, if you guys need one...
best of all..


Good luck.




Good Luck Ensidia :)


very nice idea, good luck.


gl guys^^.


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