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WOW or D3?

What do you think, do you think Diablo3 will be a better BOOM then WOW when it hits or do you think that WOW is the best game out there? Even though I do not play WOW :( hehe But I must likely would play Diablo3 do not know why that is.


Well they are very different,diablo III will have an online mode, but very different to wows current one,i think it would be less of a boom,just because diablo series was already a boom and a mustplay game.Its more of a "shorter" game than wow, i can see all wowers playing D3 for a while for sure!


L'll play the game that gonna be more competitive.


WoW for sure, d3 fail.


I really think d3 is going to be a major hit because you have all these d2 players that use to play and there itching for a new diablo.




WoW for sure.






Wow is a crappy game... D2 / d3 for life :)


i would rly like to know why?


D3 won't beat the BOOM WoW accomplished. But sure, there are a lot of Diablo fans out there that are realy longing for this one so it will seel good I guess.

And Im realy tired of WoW and have been keeping an eye on D3 for some time now. Can't wait for it to come so I can play all night long, it's going to be fricking great! :)


i agree :>


not the same kind



wow, except d3 gets serious boss encounters ^^


D3 for its online model, hardcore mode and well balanced pvp
played d2 for a year or so, waiting for D3 while pvping in WoW


Sorry man, but d2's pvp is far of being balanced. Even tough it's so fucking fun;)




uhh uhh D3 for me!!! Long time waithing for it ;)


ofc D3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agre whit Xirica


sorry mates but D3 is not even close to wow and it wont be ...... hack and slash games vs mmo is just pointless to talk about it every one that has played both games knows what i'm talking about d2 is a fail game even tought i've played it a lot the game it self is not even close to wow i'm just curious what new mmo are blizzard thinking of cuz AION is coming close and that will shake alot the wow d3 community


D2 Fail game :O

Did u play Diablo 2, 8 years ago????? At that time was one of the best RPG games!

I guess Blizzard will not fail with D3, WOW is a very good game, it's true, but Diablo is a damn good game too!

Diablo was the original Masterpiece which inspired millions of other RPG's, so please don't say that Diablo 2 was a failure game, becouse is not true!!!


Diablo 3 = LAN game and just chill gaming for fun.

WoW = serious gaming.


Don't get me wrong, Kayson, I love WoW, it's one of my favorite games. However, from an esports perspective, WoW is not considered a serious game, mostly attributed to the "skill required" discussion. Although, Diablo III would never me an esports game and I understand what you're saying, WoW is definately a harder game to master.


I've played CS on a high level of serious gaming and a game considered "serious gaming" is when you can earn money on playing it.


i going to try d3 :)


I think Diablo will be like the old days.. a "3 month Game" ... in 3 month u made it all, and all u need is better gear to keep rushing ur friends levels?
Wow is for the joy of PvP or high-end Pve


Counter Strike ;D


if WOLTK is going to maintain its current bland puggable nature pro .. ie clearing content in the first week .... it wont be around much longer.


I think wow will still be the most popular game, but i think d3 will be big to.

d2 is a really great game that still is fun to play, so if blizzard d mon't fail really big when making sequal, then d3 will rock.

But as some said, if blizzard won't clean up wow fast and nice, then i think d3 will be the new wow.


WoRLd of WaRcRaFt :D




Diablo 3






d3 nuff said.


d3 100% i can remeber having 2v2 touneys on classic d2 shit was competitve :) hopefully it catches on in d3




D3 will be a nice break for sure , but WoW


WoW ofc, D3 only keeps you playing for 3-4 months... but i would like to try it xD


i dont know D3 i been watching some demos of it looks pretty sicks. so Might be better then wow.. WONT MATTER THO cuzz in the end blizzard makes millions either way.. lol


D3, I think ^^ Hope it will kick ass!


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