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World of Warcraf or Guild Wars ?

World of Warcraft or Guild Wars ?


never really seen guild wars but I bet its hard to beat WoW ..


graphics - GW
gameplay - WoW
...future - AioN )))


Actually, if you are a pve player .. then go for WoW. PvP gameplay in GW is much more advanced than the one in WoW.


WoW 4ever :D


Guild war is imbalanced as hell. Priest are reduculous and takes 2 hours to kill. They get instant healing, playing against 2 priest, get ready to be bored out of your mind, and wait till the battle is over b.c you can't kill them.


i played guild wars and it sucks, so dont ever ask this question again


WoW for sure




well WoW for sure but some people doesnt like to put there money every month on game so the play games that is like wow but free Etc Gw wow private servers


World of Warcraft 4 sure


Don't like that control system in GW
so imo WoW




Wow FTW :)


Cs AXAX :(




Guild Wars !!!




I know this topic is mega old, but World of Warcraft.


wOw :D


wow classic > guild wars > facerollclysm


GW is all about grinding levles till u die in chair.


World of warcraft ofc


LitherB wrote:
World of Warcraft 4 sure




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