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2v2 parter with rogue @ lvl 80

Hello Dear WOW fans, I have a question. Once we hit level 80 what do yal THINK will be the best or viable partner for mutilate rogue in 2v2? Thanks in advance.


Dude honestly that guy is right(Venruki)but i think in the long run your going to want to run a mage/rogue comp. That team has always been successful and its reliable when it comes to burst thats needed instantly and executed from a distance. Really either way either comp cannot go wrong. As for me I like playing with a lot more cc.


rogue will work with almost any class+pvp specc, i see a lot of different comps @lvl.80 also in 3v3.
this will be very interesting imo. there will be a lot of triple dps teams.


The most successful healer team? Combat rogue/Resto shaman

The most successful 2 dps team? Mutilate rogue/Frost mage





WoW !




I like priest & rogue ^^


rogue got cc and interuppt, go with a class that got cc and interuppt.
that way ur team will be good vs healer/dmg and with the cc it is easy to do 2x dmg team.
just what i think!!


ROgue FTW!!


Rouge FTW, ROuge is my pasion, just stay close to the mage and you will be live


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