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3.0.2 Warlock talents ??

what is best way for pvp ????


refresher BoT shiva and hex


Best way for warlock PvP in 3.0 is, er... reroll T_T


:) reroll to ? ... what u think what class will be good ?


maco to kto ti tam napisal ? :D




Don't reroll a good gamer learns to play their class...Demonology kicks ass for arenas but if your going to do battle grounds go affliction or destruction =/


I think now is retardins overpowered but i bealieve in warlocks they will be OP at 80.
Now i think demon form its not special but good for duels now i trying affli soon go destro.


Demo Warlock + Multilate Rogue = Better than Retri & Holy Pala x2000


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