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Best player!Swifty!

why would you think he's good, he's done nothing special.


Inc the rogue!


lmao, the hell is the best Warrior, in his videos he just kills scrubs that are totally undergeared, his first video was "entertaining" back then, but his other videos are just bad, if you claim he is the best warrior, where are his S4 shoulders then? If you think he is that good, it's okay, but making such useless Topics fails.


Look Swifty WOTLK 2-sucking video!!!! But i hve played with him on fun server-exelium he was rank 1 lvl100 over 1k players play their and he is 1th!!!!!!!


Wow.. You really wanna stay a P12 and have these kind of 'fun'?
I bet you're just laughing now annoying people while entertaining while I come home and force you to watch Bumbi Bears



swifty is the best warrior for ever :) the only sad thing on him is that he plays night elf o_O orc would be better or like pat tauren =)


I love how you're saying that without any reasons, he just runs around critting people, WOW MAN.

watch Laintime and be amazed.


well he don't just crit people he know how to master they class..


I will say Vurtne or Drakedog!


no he didnt


well i watched the first movie for like 25times and i see everytime how he masters a class even paladin or druid


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