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Best DPS class in WoTLK?

Hello everyone!

Just as the title:

What will be the Best DPS class in WoTLK?



It's really hard to even speculate at this moment as its still not even released or 100% finished. I might be bold and suggest fury warrior popping out big damage depending on how Titan's Grip will look when finalized. Warlocks are getting major changes to there dps and I'm not sure they will be topping mages so easily in the future. The rogue combat tree looks promising however still is rather odd trying to force you to go daggers just so you dont have to waste some points to reach adrenaline rush and so on.

If I had to guess, I'd go for a top end geared rogue still being the best DPS. After all its all they can do so they should be best DPS.


why even ask, half the talents for every class inst even done + they are changing the dmg out put for every move aswell, from time to time.

Wait til live, give it a week and ask again :)


And what the hell is this new XP thing under our' names? :P


Dunno but im 21! Ahhhhhh YEah


Lots of the talents arent even finalized atm. As for rogues being the top dps in wrath, right now they aren't even the top dps in the game so I think it really funny to assume that they are going to be when hunters are literally shitting on every class. It is still to soon to tell blizzard is making a lot of changes to make all classes more effective in the raiding environment. That way raids are so dependent on certain raid compositions. I play a sunwell geared hunter so forgive me if im a little bias when it comes to dps in raids. Last time I checked rogues where underneath me and the other hunters on almost every fight. But then again rogues have to do certain things on fight in order for the encounter to be easier. So while they are doing that I get to purely dps.




ret is doing great damage at lvl 70 in comparison to other classes who really cant be spec'd for optimal dps due to the fact they dont have enough talent points. But if you honestly expect ret to be the top your really need to take a look at what they are doing with mages on beta right now because last time i checked ret isn't even in the same ball park with mages.


its hard to tell becuase all the changes that are happening but im gonna have to say mage or fury war will have hte highest damage output


finally someone who has a brain yes mages and fury warriors will have the highest damage output but fury is still going to have the same problem with threat.


Most likely warrior..rogues will still be in the top3


I yhink Death Night or Warrior)))


BM Hunter


Dimown's right , But i think Death knight or warrior)))
Maybe elemental shammy.


Hunter owns dps and it will always be that way :)


i was leveling my hunter (62 now) to be 70 by wotlk. well since they jacked up our mana costs and nerfed aotv i think i will be deleting him and thank blizz for wasting my time. thank god i have a 70 drood.


I think it's worth pointing out that in all of the testing we've done so far, the mage has been the clear-cut top damage class in the expansion at level 70, even against single targets (hopefully not too much so). In test after test, our jaws are consistently dropping at the sheer damage output we've seen from the mage at level 70


Maybe a little outdated but us mages can hope right? :)


AOE Dps wo juede ... Ithink Mage, Becoz In Tempest keep i just tanked Solarian, (1year's ago)
So we just defeat Solarian. So just damage done
1-3 mage 4-5 warlock then rogue, priest etc. In my guild's (Nomads) hunters can't take 1st place every time [but my inactive time: 4months lol :] . Be'coz theyr skill is not very well. So In arena i'm every time kill hunter, Very easy for warrior.(I just remember My mace stun is so lucky works every time. like rogue's stunlock hehe.1 stormherald +3mace effect stun in 30sec, then using fear etc.) So i think every time hunter is noob class lol :D. So next time i just watch Cherekee's movie. Hunter's so crazy fast dps in arena. So i just also watch SK-gaming's Munk's pov. Troll's hunter good looking hehe. Also crazy dps. So i just maybe hunter can good dps in WOTLK.


Woah that was a whole lot of verbal diarrhoea








I know u best troll dps. Ur movies good looking :)


i just knew it Spookwow is ally just by the grammar ! tought i havent played in ptr so far i think mages/hunters/wars(fury) will be the best dps class in wotlkso far it seems like that judgeing by the talents :)


will probably be rogue once things have settled down


This will be a close call
Hunter always were good
Mage's whit hot streak and bournout will become tough to beat., even arcane spec is a good choice
Warriors mos def will be in top 3 due to titan's grip
Ret palys can do over 4k dps on PTR


Warlocks hands down are OP.

Druids just dont know how to die.

Ardarian level 80 hunter. Beta


mage and rogue is the best class for damage


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