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Question: +Spell power

I have a 70 shaman in resto. pvp gear.

My question is in the expansion - will the +healing gear turn into equivalent +spell power gear as the elemental +dmg gear?

This question may pertain more to people who have the beta, however, if anyone else knows, please feel free to comment.

I am planning no going elemental in expansion, and was just curious if I should start grinding for the elemental set.

Thanks for the comments in advance!


I'm pretty curious how it's going to turn out to.. so you could get a full elemental set and use it for healing as well? =/


Hmmm, any beta testers with this info?


Theres almost no difference between the sets, you can definatley use the resto set for elemental whilst leveling, it might even be the better set now. Check the difference between these two pieces.

Resto Gloves -

Elem Gloves -

Resto Chest -

Elem Chest -

So yeah, pretty much the same.


And ofcourse you can just as easily use an elemental set for healing.


So basically there's going to be no point in designing two sets now? Or is that their plan, to not have to design multiple spec sets?


Thanks for the reply Winternight.

Looks like I won't have to get elemental gear then.


Naturally gear designed for healers dont have as much hit/crit as gear designed for dps and it might have mana regen or something in those lines. But for the sake of the new spellpower there wont be any diffrence between dps-caster and healer items.


i can see all the drama and QQ posts on the forums


well thats kinda stupid but blizzard are makeiiin ze game casual and casual and casual and even more casual


i dont see what this have to do with the game being more casual, please elaborate.


My point on the casual is that its ez to obtain gear for both specs tuss it will take less playing time.If those changes take place i see it going like this


Yes, Everything will be Spellpower, kinda sucks

Shamans/druids/priest will be "op" in arena? ;o


As shadow priest im happy with this new spell power. And if i was a GM of a guild i would be even more happy.
Very often happens 30 70's to sit online and not go to raid just because there are not enough healers or some sort of dps. And sometimes i was angry that i don't have powerful enough healing gear so we dont stay and drag our balls in Orgrimmar.. Thats just an example, but as i said it happens pretty often.

I just dont see what is the role of /played time. Excuse me, but with enough.. how ti say it... hm efforts, yesterday raised 70 can get t6 (or/and equivalent gear) in less than a month. For every spec.. some got 2 some 3.. And this guy will be still a complete moron doing stupid things all the time whatever hes gear is.
Something like the story with the pvp sets ... {puke}


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