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Sk-gaming are nazis?

Jesus tap-dancing Christ.

****ing ridiculous drama. Currently one of the best PvE Guilds in WoW, known for their success in other games aswell, are NAZIS?


The part that makes me sick is that people are going to believe this WITHOUT QUESTION.

I can't wait until people force themselves onto the WoW news websites to get attention by saying they refuse to have anything to do with Sk BECAUSE THEY BE NAZIS OHMAGOD.


You do realise the guy is slandering the people who run SK (for example bds or TheSlaSH) and not the WoW team yes?


Uhoh, just noticed a forum topic about this here on wow forums.

Copied it from WoM as well, so people might read it here - some of us don't visit WoM etc bla bla


One of the comments on that site is funnier than the actual thing.

"No disrespect meant to anyone but please tell me I wasn't the only to imagine Serennia and Neilyo at an occult meeting."

I rofled.


Well, Serennia is not in SK anymore :D He was not that nazi I guess.


Max Mosley aint got nothing on us


I laughed out loud.


not only you :D


When I was talking to βey, he said (AND I QUOTE): " I jerk off to comics and killed my whole family"

Hooray Internet


so stupid


That website is awful. It's pretty funny watching them try to cover their backs from any repercusions though, a lawsuit for slander wouldn't be unthinkable would it? :)


I'm pretty sure that it's slanderous under british law, don't know about german/american though.


WTF ? ? ?


ofc they are :)


Lulz, there's an update on this shit on WoM


I laughed so hard when I read this, pure shit


Luul i dont think so


Only a thing...LOL




I laughed so hard I almost shit my pants xP


lol wtf?


This is so lame.








everything coming from wowriot is realll!!:P


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