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How u can easily climb 2.3k +

SO what u do is create a new team.

Go for a max lame combo with max SW geared peapul.

THEN once u reach lets say 2.2 k

you start inviting a new people -----> THEY MAKE U HAVE LOW ENEMIES from their own range





If u have 2.2k rating, and u invite a _NEW_ person to the team (with personal rating of 1500), u'll only face teams from the 1500 range. Even if u win those games it'll only give u ~1 point per game. And u lose 30 if u lose a game. So i doubt if it's worth it. If u can reach 2.2k rating u shouldn't have too many problems reaching 2.3k either.


xect is absolutly right, a team that manages 2.2k should have no problems by facing other teams like them




the chances that you will win the fight are SO much higher (in contradiction to when u play 2.2k+ games for example...) thats why I CALL IT LAME


The main problem I see with this is if you go up against reroll teams


i rofl when you DC :)


you really think Hafu does that? you must be retarded


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