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Hunter Arena PvP tips

Hi there

I have been playing wow for over a year now, having started just after TBC came out, I've played a Holy paladin and a Rogue both to 70 and have generally ok experience in arena with them. The PvP scene on my server is dead and so i recently decided to reroll on a pvp server with some friends, im levelling a hunter (yeah, i know) and was wondering if anybody could supply me with some tips and tricks for arena play in all areas.




Be a Druids best friend.

Okay a tip then. When you're facing Druid/Warrior and you have both the Warrior and Druid (In Bear) on you. Try to fear the Druid before trapping the Warrior.


Fearing the druid who is trying to eat the trap for the warrior would work except anytime you go against a decent warrior/druid combo, when you try to fear the druid the warrior is going to pummel you.(until 2.4.2 that is when Scare Beast becomes instant.) What you have to do is scatter shot the warrior, then fear the druid then trap the warrior.


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