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Horde Race for PVP Warrior

Orc: additional 15% ress to fear ( good ) atk buff can be good if used right (what a surprise)
so u can up to 20% whit warri...

Tauren: War Stomp (2 sec stun) and + 5% more hp (more hp i dont knowe whats pvp is about maby hp and dmg)
ya i knowe cc is good in pvp and then u only got 1 race whit a cc racial...

Troll: beserk up to 30 % atk speed ( works whit flurry this whit improved slam depending on how menny points in flurry u got, so its up to 55% atk speed )

Undead: wotf needs no further intuduction ( cannibalize works best in ab, av, wsg and eots in arena ya u can trye tho i recomend intercept )

we are talking horde pvp coz thats what he asked about!!!

so my summery is Tauren and Troll is best coz u dont whast dw and berserkers rage when u use em like some1 her said in her... ( this is 4 the hyrid mace spec arms/furry, 33/27 is my pref in pvp)

and improved slam rocks whit a 0,5 sec channel time ( shocking news im not even going to explain whay it is)

dackman is right u need skills to pvp...


Tauren, warstomp is so imba at pvp and items looks cool at male tauren ^^


Race doesn't matter for Warrior. Undead, Orc and Tauren are good for Warrior.



ya as i and dackman thiks pvp is skill dependent the race is the big think the skill and time off all u do is important... ( its pvp )


orc or UD ! ud skin




female orc def for looks, but i reckon tauren is actually better can hit through pillars has stun %5 hp is pretty good


He ask for PVP and bunch of NOObz talk about PVE lol
ORC for easiest way but Tauren for better skin


orc ftw


orc or tauren, orc is good bcoz strength increase *blood fury*, tauren bcoz of stun + stamina increase


I would say Orc.


damn "edit" is not working again, well i wanted to say that undead is good 2 bcoz of will of the forsaken but warrior is anyway the most effective against fear :)


Orc warrior = 35% stun resist = imba


i vote for orc as first choise, second tauren


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