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What can i do at this game ?

what can i do in this game?


What do you mean?


zawz wrote:
what can i do in this game?

Starcraft II is a real time strategy game (RTS), in essence you build an army using resources that your workers have collected. It may sound simple, but with limited resources per map you are constantly battling for map control, which in turn allows you to farm more resources, which eventually leads to a larger army.

Throughout the course of the game you will undergo a series of skirmishes, where both armies clash reducing each others size. The outcome of a lot of these encounters comes down to army compositions (e.g. Marauders are an excellent counter to Stalkers), Micro control and obviously the size, which comes down to how strong your economy is.

Eventually to win the game you need to destroy all of the opponents buildings, or force them into surrendering. It's a really fun game and it's got a great competitive scene so I really recommend you give it a go.

If you are looking to get into the game Day[9] offers some excellent videos and tutorials to get you started over at

If you have any other questions feel free to let me know.


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