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SC2SL: Starcraft 2 Survivor League

P6E is proud to announce today a new online european teamleague on Starcraft 2: The Starcraft 2 Survivor League! Eight of the best european teams will compete for over $4,000 in prizes offered by our main sponsor Logitech. Kick off is set for january 28th!

In order to give the best possible experience to the Starcraft's fans, we put a lot of thinking into the league format. The SC2SL will be in survivor mode and the matches will be played in Best-Of-7 format. All matches will be broadcasted live in various languages.

The league will include a unique feature as fans will be able to revive their favorite player during a match. Viewers will be able to vote live on the SC2SL website in order to revive a player during a clanwar (see the match example below).

Last but not least, you will find discounts up to 30% on logitech gears and we will give away more than $2,000 worth of prizes for the fans during the entire season! So stay tuned and connect on starting january 20th to discover how to win gaming gears!

Teams entering the first season.
Alien Invasion
Serious Gaming
ESC Icybox
Team Mistral

$4,000+ in prizes from Logitech.
1st : 5 x Logitech Z906 Speaker System
2nd: 5 x Logitech Ultimate Trio Wireless G Series Combo
3rd: 5x Logitech Speaker System Z623

Match example:
Esahara 0 - 0 Millenium:

Check > Adel
Check < Stephano
Verdi< Stephano
Satiini < Stephano

Esahara 1 – 3 Millenium: The viewers can choose between Check, Verdi and Satiini to revive an Esahara's player. They vote for Satiini.

Satiini > Stephano
Satiini > DieStar

Esahara 3 – 3 Millenium: Satiini has been revived and managed to even things up. Public now vote for Stephano.
Satiini < Stephano

Final score: Esahara 3 – 4 Millenium!

SC2SL Sponsors:

Logitech is the main partner of the SC2SL, providing prizes for the players and spectators. They have been creators and manufacturers of high quality gears for gamers for more than 20 years now.

By helping the SC2SL, Logitech makes a statement: esports matters. Beneficiate of a 30% discount on logitech gaming product with the SC2SL!

With HTKIT, achieve the league, rank and skill you want! HotKeyIt's top selling StarCraft 2 video guides are the only training material created by actual Pro Gamers.

Thank you all for your support and dont forget to connect on on january 20th to find out everything about the schedule, the maps, the casters and the contests we organize!


Seems like the voting would slow down the whole tournament. hope it works out.


That may be true, but it does soubd very interesting. It gives the fans alot of power in the tournament itself.


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