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Favourite players

Which are your favourite players for race you play and why?

Myself, I really like NesTea and moon ( im zerg ). I really do not like IdrA, hes playstyle is too passive, instead koreans are a lot more agressive, and i like it !


Me top3 favourite player :)

Tarson ~ MC ~ White-Ra

forever Grubby :D


moon grubby madfrog like wc3 player on sc2 ;p


Yeah :P

ESWC 2011 Grubby vs mooN ;D


;p best


saw ace vs moon ;/


I play Zerg and my fav player is Destiny!
He's alot of fun to watch, and I love his stream =D


Moon / Boxer / NaDa

The Legends




MMA huk


Zerg: zenio & losira


chaotic wrote:
Zerg: zenio & losira

Forgot why.. zenio for his incredible mechanics, losira for his mindgame&tactics.


MC and MVP


deevil wrote:
Spirit_MLW wrote:
Moon / Boxer / NaDa

The Legends



My favourite players:

Flash, DRG, NaNiwa, IdrA, Jinro, HuK.


Terran: MKP (insane micro, one of the best), MVP (most successful player ever, numerous wins, can adapt to any style)
Zerg: NesTea (the boss), DIMAGA (nice guy)
Protoss: MC (bosstoss), Creator (TSL 4 winner) and Squirtle (new timings against Z and T)


Snute, yes.




Snute, Parting, Fantasy & violet


For me best is LiquidHerO


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