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Champions Trophy (2nd of October) Signup Thread

Sk-nickname: honda1000
Bnet: hOnDa.876


Sk-nickname: Bly4eg
Bnet: bly.929


sk NICKNAME : ctronikchob
Bnet nick : Chob


SK nickname: Spook
Bnet ID: Spook.774




SK nickname : Carnage14
bnet nick : Carnage.301


SK nickname: Wilko
bnet nick: Wilko.692


bnet nick : aby.669


Sk-nickname: Gogogosu
Bnet: Gogogosu


Sk-nickname: OutSide
Bnet: OutSide.541


SK-nickname: Nejsart
Bnet: Nejsart.459


Sk-nickname: DIABLO-
Bnet: DIABLOx#429


Sk-nickname: P0uPid0u
Bnet: Poupidou.896


SK nickname: ho8ot
B-net nick : TiredIrie.101


SK nickname : LDLC-hG nickname : CALLmehG.285


Sk nickname: EmpireNoname
B-net nickname: Noname.190


SK Nickname : FunKaDeLiC
B.Net: FunKaDeLiC.819


SK nickname: Bugg_fr
B net : Bugg.127


SK nickname: IWestyI westy.940


is it possible to see if im signed up yet?
i posted here but i dont see any confirmation that i made it or not :/

SK nickname mouzMorroW
bnet mouzmorrow.819


SK nickname: Chakotay
Bnet nick: Gandalf


Sk-nickname: KingCrimson
Bnet: AlexDeLarge


SK nickname: Adelscott-
Bnet nick: Adelscott.281


SK Nickname: empire-kas
Bnet Nick: pokeroffkas.757


SK nickname : LokiOne nickname : Loki.342


SK nickname: MYM_ClouD
Bnet nickname: ClouD.588


SK nickname: inNirvanaa
Bnet nickname: inNirvana.120


SK nickname: UkraineStar
Bnet nickname: Maul.132


SK nickname: Navern
Bnet nickname: Navern.410


SK nickname: Cr1stY
Bnet nickname: CrIstY.265


SK nickname : Freqy
Bnet nickname : Frequency.640


SK nickname : NTOshizA


shizA wrote:
SK nickname : shizA

Bnet nickname : NTOshizA.972


SK nickname : SarenS
Bnet nickname : Sarens.494


SK nickname : -elixir-
Bnet nickname : elixir.554


SK nickname: EmpireLESTER
Bnet nickname: LESTER.859


SK nickname : iP-Underdark
Bnet nick: Underdark.448


SK nickname : Bly4eg
Bnet nickname : bly.929


SK nickname: Fidel
Bnet nickname: Fidel.497


SK-nickname: AgFox_LuckyGnom
Bnet: agfoxGnom.748


SK nickname: Tragatti
Bnet nickname: Tragatti.934












SK nickname: killercake
Bnet nick:killercake.437


SK nickname: Scoits
Bnet bick: Scoits.341


SK nickname : DerRichter92
Bnet nick: Lukas.749


Sk-nickname: sNpYdEnZ
Bnet: sNpY.42


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