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SlayerS_'BoxeR' at gomtv


bim !


No emperor anymore :(


ran over by by.hero
wasn t nice to watch
but from what i got from tasteless and lilsusie he s going back to his old team SK.telecom T1 at the end of this year so maybe he ll have more time to practice and possibly make a comeback


Yes, his era is not over yet!
And he's gonna find his old mate also.. oov =)

Hope he'll be back on the top scene soon !


ye :D boxer will be back ^_^




coll video




goOd joB Slayer Boxer... muachh haha


no need for replays

head out to
there u can find many vods with english (tasteless comentary) from averatec intel clasic season1 & 2 and star invitational

exciting & fun games guaranteed


kume_V +1:P

or check out


I have played this man 1v1 and boy I got owned.


Great video

Just pure

Thanks for those links


Nice 1


Back to SK Telecom1.
I hope one day he fight 4 OSL/MSL Championship ag.


It seems he's not playing in Averatec-Intel Classic Season 3...? :/


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