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sAviOr Will he return y/n

y :D

The Maestro will return no doubts
The most powerful zerg ever

what you think?


even jaedong is losing now, the end of the zerg : )


sAviOr got eliminated 0 - 2 today on OSL against a weak protoss (his best m-u) and Nada =/ Spotting the cheese from Spear but still teching Lair and not canceling his expo at nat... terrible shape


he is in a huge slumb now

but i still believe :D




Not that I know anything about the game, but still nope!


i like the way you think. cuz thats just what i was thinking :P


he played pretty well against flash lost tho, I hope some zerg can do something cause it's pretty much toss and terrans switching the top positions :) I think it's a H(ope) for me cause I like seeing more zergs =)


Jaedong is the hope now :D?


yeah Jaedong is probably the best zerg atm cause of saviors slumb, Effort from CJ is also very talented watched him beating tossgirl and some protoss in a clanmatch :)


The best will always be YellOw


atm i dont think , @ SC2 i think he can make is return to the throne ! Maestro > all !


dont think so..


Ma Jae-Hoon will return if he starts to practice like crazy and make up some new plays for his zerg swarm. If doesn't make it back in SC:BW he'll definitely be back in SC2. (Sorry for my bad english -.-)


mabye his already training like crazy :


hes doing pretty well in avertec intel classic right now :) so we'll see good luck I certainly like his playstyle =)


YAYA savior hwaiting!


The most powerfull zerg now is July noobs xD


JulyZerg is the best zerg imo.


dafunk tnx


hes back! :D




he's not even playing for CJ in proleague anymore, Effort[fOu] is. Get over it, his best days are behind and he's slumping like so many other legends. Bisu and FBH really destroyed his aura.


Hes still in the a team of cj, so your point??

Many good players dont get in the main line up for proleague...


my point ? he went from the undisputed ACE player for CJ to someone who's not even needed in proleague anymore. I guess this point is pretty clear to understand and shows how much his level dropped.


Its still not 2009 ;d


This 2009 hype is bullshit, jesus. So far this year he lost to Best and Inter.Young (LOL), and his next match is against his unbeatable opponent : BISU.


HAHA senar he won gg bye


Bisu > savior sorry to say but this is the Taek-Bang Era Protoss FTW !




saviOr rlzzz . go go


ofc :D


bisu! screw savior :D~


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