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ESWC wc3 movie 2004/2005

i am searching for an old wc3 movie of the ESWC. it showed the 15 best scenes of the tournement, where the final was grubby vs fov i think. cant remeber if it was 2004 or 2005. does someone know where to download it? cant find it on google and there is nothing on the eswc page



it can`t be a final between Fov and Grubby because ESWC 2004 final was FoV vs Madfrog and ESWC 2005 final was Grubby vs Deadman.....>.


well hen it was 2005 i guess, coz there are scenes with deadman but not with madfrog in this movie


yeah i have the mp3 music from that movie :> second was deadman and first grubby


dont need the music :C


1 song was really good :P used to love it, but lost it :(


I remember I dled the movie from It was in the front right after eswc 2005, but now I've no idea how can you find it :/


hey guys i just realized that i still got the video in one of my cds and i've decide aslo to upload it so...for those of you who are interested:

link @ the video ->
link @ the song ->

enjoy it :)


very kind of you =] gj


thannks !:D Cool video, I remember watching it when it came out


have been looking for that song for ages but didnt know the name, i had this top15 video on my com though.

thanks a lot


thanks a lot, definately gonna download


thx dude :)


i rly loved no.7 (surprise buttsex) and no.3 (inso stood like a hero :o )


whoops its 6 not 7


heh np guys, i'm glad that i can help :>


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