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IEF information

well i am not so sure.

at least there are 3! Orcs in the group stage 2


where i can get mappack IEF 2007 ?


go ToD


Grubby top 3 orc.


Second Group Stage:

Group A:

Group B(imba):


just like one of previous Chinese tour when Moon/Lyn/ReMinD/Sky were in the same group
imo Soju for sure will make it


haha wow, group b..:D


pls. Lyn, show them the ORC POWER

for the Horde!


Group B kind of imba?! ;D


Group B is much stronger than Group A. IMO its rly bad balance


TH000 abd Lyn fighting !!


Is it still on IEF2007 PPLive channel? Or has it changed? I can't seem to find the right channel.


can anyone see the games?


i was watching this on ppstream
they had a moon autograph session which was limited to 5mins only. Frickin' huge line of fans wanting his signature with security guards keeping check. One guy even had a jersey that said Moon and the number 20 on the back, rofl.
he's like a superstar

and they're stopping at exactly 5mins.
one fan was interviewed and said moon is his idol~~~

and the interviewer asked a fan: "what do you think is different about moon live here compared to him normally". The fan (it was a guy!) frickin answered: "HE IS TOO HANDSOME". ROFL!!

one time moon had to give some gifts to 3 fans of his choosing and he looked a bit uneasy :O

the fans have to answer questions like "what is moon's favorite mouse?" to get the gifts.


Name the channel please
Search for IEF2007 returns nothing :(


both pplive and ppstream not working 4 me


now! moon vs lyn!!! living! ppstream


semis bo3?


Are there any streams online? o.O


Group A
ToD and xiaOt did it
Group B
Moon and Sky

Sk is out =(


gj tod, still absolute world class, now take it furder.


gj lyn


tod performs very well..
sorry for two sk heroes
they are unlucky in a death group
it's tough to promote from that group
if sojo and lyn are in group A, i think at least one of them could promote


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