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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Elves, Humans, Undeads, and what the hell its X-mas, so even the orcs!


Merry x-mas to all you nerds out there!


Merry Xmas trolls,nerds,fanbois,tardos,fags,admins,posters,staffs,progamers


Merry Xmas!


Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas ^^


merry christmas to u too mr ud!


merry christmas ;)


Merry Xmas !!!


Merry xmas darling!


Merry Christmas all and FuRy too ^^. Great year SK, really made things VERY appealing in many fans eyes. Succession is what has been achieved here. FuRy great year too! - Your personal trainer! May next year bring more prospers... and speaking of which, I helped you find some CG's here and there, where is my present!?!


Merry Christmas :))


Merry X-Mas people


Merry )(-Mas


I wish you all Marry Christmas :)


Merry X-Mas


Merry Christmas guys :) best wishes!


Merry Christmas!


i demand that you use "happy holidays" instead.
"merry christmas" is offensive to me and my religion.


Who cares? Then don't open this thread.


okay happy holidays to u :)


thx for being tolerant.


Merry Christmas to all, and yes.. even you Disco-Stew!


Merry Christmas men, I wish you some. Go bnet tonight ;D


Merry xmas guys, even though we don't celebrate xmas where I live :]


Merry Christmas!


Saha aidkoum x')


Merry x-mas everyone!


Joyeux Noël !


Merry Christmas for all who celebrate and happy season holidays for the rest ^^.


Joyeux Noël ! Hristos Razdajetsja ! wesolych swiat! Feliz natal ! Merry Christmas ! Mutlu yillar !


merrrrrry xmaz !11!111 bitchez !


4K.FuRy?......wish you never say GG to your opponents next year


Merry XMas. :)


Merry XMaS guys i wish to us all to enjoy the game more next year when the new patch come


Frohe Weihnachten


Merrrry xmas


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2008 !


lol thx u 2


lol orc die


push threads up trolls gaining shape ? discuss


ip ban for trollson gay




FuRy wrote:
Merry Christmas, Elves, Humans, Undeads, and what the hell its X-mas, so even the orcs!


Thread from 2007

We got a new troll.



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