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ReiGn definitely ever > XlorD

I lol @ those retards who say XlorD > ReiGn,"SK is stronger with ixi/hot" etc
Ima prove you completely wrong.
Yes these words above are from a fanboi but Im not biased,If you dont wanna read,so leave

-Start of this year:ReiGn showed good result in Bnet4 & allkill mTw without training

-First half of this year:ReiGn cruised thru the Korean StarWars without droppin' a map,beating players like Soju,FoCuS,Check etc 2-0,2-0 and 2-0.Then he went 6-1 WC3L XI only lose 1-2 to Creo.Played an important role for WE in NGL Finals,beating the like of ToD/Grubby

-Second half of this year:In WC3L Season 12, ReiGn still rocked solid with 6-3 record(lose to 2 orc & in mirror),while XlorD's stat is 2-6.That said alot
ReiGn beat HoT/Deadman/Rob/LiilDC/hanf/happy so at least he >> HoT/ixi

Conclusion:just because ReiGn doesnt have the chance to compete much like the popular Moon/Lyn/Fov/etc and because XlorD beat Susi 2 times,then you say ReiGn < XlorD? How retarded !
Lol you guys just hate the coming of the Koreans

I dont deny that XlorD or HoT is good & talented but their potential is LIMITED,I only see them (almost) losing vs the like of Moon or Lyn.That thing is differrent for ReiGn
ReiGn no train,less motivation still > all tier2 players like ixi,
ReiGn trains+motivation-->in Moon/Sky/Lyn's league,I guarantee

SK-ReiGning now,my logic is flawless,clueless haters dying in pain


",I only see them (almost) losing vs the like of Moon or Lyn."

how idiotic is that? Nearly every player loses to those two on a regular basis, and reign would get raped just as hard as everyone else. Besides hot destroyed moon at some recent lan tournament, so nice selfownage there.


I mean they cant ever score points vs them.And you got to agree with the rest of my post


oh and how many times would xlord and hot (had they stayed in sk) faced lyn during clanwars?



Are you that dumb ? When I say "the like of",I mean the top notch players


you mean like susiria and moon etc? I agree, xlord and hot would never beat those kind of players


last time moon played vs hot he got owned(dont remember which tournament it was) plus hot won vs susi, imo he is stronger than reign(atm, maybe reign will train a bit more like soju did when he joined SK) but 3 elfs are just too predictable so its good that SK got a new UD


Reign was also the best player of the world durring mid-RoC imo...


Space isn't better than Susiria and Reign imo


lol i forgot to write ©MLW after this phrase
on topic:agree with top 3 but ReiGn > Susi and about Space,sad to say, I dont think he will get far with his condition


Haven't seen much of reign recently, so kind of hard to tell? Space qualified to AWL by beating the worlds best orc lyn, says a bit about his shape, no?


"allkill mTw without training", how do you know he isnt training you know this is stewy style....


let's try reign vs xlord, reign can wipe the floor with ANY ud players when it comes to mirror


it's not only about the skill. It's also who the players really are. I just feel that sk-gaming is being a moron. After winning the latest esl, they start kicking the people who have been with them for such a long time. Even ownistch is out now ( They said that the players made their own decision whether to leave or stay. But really, come on, we are not idiots.

Sk probably told hot and the others "hey you can keep playing for SK but your salary is gonna be 30% of those koreans". Of course they would leave. They are ruining the already weakening european warcraft scene. I was a huge fan of 4K and SK because i thought these were the only 2 europe clans that are loyal to their players and European warcraft. They were sort of the "balancing" force against the asian clans. But look at SK now

Only miou is staying coz he probably either accept the lowered salary or he has some kind of secret affair with reis. The koreans player in SK sure looks stronger now but in a way, SK now seems to lack (at least to me) a sense of identity and symbolical presence that they had last time. Now it's all about performance and bringing the money in, instead of teamwork spirit and staying true to the players and of course, the fans.

P.S: the forum sucks. Look at the declining number of people posting. Fire sk.reis please


'After winning the latest esl, they start kicking the people who have been with them for such a long time.'

HoT choose to leave for Gravitas. Insomnia retired. Xlord was offered a contract and decided to go to aTTax. If you're to bullshit, at least do it intelligently.


are there people who know exactly that player's salary on each team and details of the agreement between team and player?

how can you be convinced whether they got kicked or leave by their own decision and Whose fault is it?

for reference, I happen to know that focus's monthly salary is 500 dollars and the contract with mym will expire in three month.

on the assumption that we also know about new contract offer of mym. if focus should leave the team, we would come to the conclusion in view of the actual circumstances.

but unfortunately, We'll never know it unless we become a manager or player. don´t jump to conclusions.


he lost to grubby


lucifer is not an UD player, he's a random player


as i can remember XlorD was beating both Susi and Luci and Susi is said to be the best mirror player. and ReiGn is a joke btw... at least atm. XlorD is better and got more potential.


as i can remember XlorD beat only win Susi 2 times out of 3 and ReiGn is said to be the best mirror ever,XlorD is a joke btw...overrated all the time.ReiGn is better and got more potential


If mirror is reign's best matchup reign still sucks... and i bet he would lose to Susi, Luci, XlorD + 100 random uds..


no proof trashtalk & declare shit.No need to discuss with you


so proof that reign is still good!


lol so you probably do not read #0


[x] Edit button


i agree with you, all i can say about it, good _facts_ but i knew them already.


all i can say. It is that xlord is still young and he improve her skill very fadst for me so i don't know if it will stay reign > xlord forever ..


Well it's so obvious that it isn't even worth saying...


[quote]Well... Xlord is young and he is very good too. ReiGn is.. 19-21? hmm?
ReiGn is not that good imo. And I havent heard anything of him.

:). You've probably never heard of Anyppi, Medusa , FreeDoM etc. either. You sound a bit like bNNN


lol i read the #0 and i thought of omega700, where is that cavetroll?

arceus u sound very much like him


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