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eGp vs wNv


TH000 > Targa
TH000 < Infantrist
XiaoT < Infantrist
Sai < Infantrist
dx < Infantrist

infantrist > eric > wNv Thoerycrafting?


TargA > TH000,Sai,dx,xiaOt
Infantourist > xiaOt,dx,Sai,TH000
Wolvi > dx,Sai,xiOt,TH000

TargA > Infantrist > Wolvi > Eric > VBadGirl > wNv ??


haha that's what I call average German prediction!


esay win for wNv


e comes before w, g comes before n and p comes before v.




infametourist > all


He means the player infantrist > eric > wNv and that a dutch prediction


dutchys are good in predicting :O


some eGs nub will take the win of 4:0 coz of wNv-lags


bamup 1-0 Sai
bamup 1-0 TH000
eGp 2-0 wNv (TargA may not need to play)


wNv 0:4 eGp ahahahahah


TargA/Infametriest scared them!


wp :)


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