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Gravitas will rock with a lineup like this!


they will break the gravity with this line up! :D gl hottie!


Good luck HoT.


gl, Mikhaylo


they are a rly strong team now


ahh maybe they'll stop play with Rob in solo now!


very strong team now indeed.I'm curious to see them performing in wc3l, they might pull a decent season! gl hotjes


a very strong line up... with a little bit luck they can reach the play-offs...


Probably the best european team now


the lineup looks really strong with luck they can reach the playoffs (with mass luck :D)


i am right i think GG is now the best european team now and they work for !


plz add happy :D


tod won't take that lightly ^_^


i can't see any noobs in there


Even more impressive line-up atm; Would be interesting if he'll join their bootcamp/living place too!


gl hot


According to he is joining their bootcamp in Moscow after New Years


Get Happy and it's golden :D


what about Neytpoh and Deadman =)
But Happy will not leave mousesports.


gl hot
imo best european team now


GL HoT =)


Good luck, gravitas are sure looking scary now ;]


awesome team, wish them the best


Add deadman, and it will definitely be the best Euro team right now.


Gl to Gravitas, and olso HoT


it would be so awesome if they added neytpoh since he's a great player but his timezone sucks ~~


Gravitas.SDmK would be great.
imo he's the best Russian UD now and ofc top5 Russia


Really impresive, gl HoT, gl Gravitas. It turns out to be a great team :)


nice lu, gl


But the photo and the Description are still old :P.


Now, with HoT in GG the match wNv vs gg is gonna get even more exciting. looking forward to it :).


wNv will lose to lag i bet.


hahah lag vs lag I guess coz russia ain't much better than china is when comes about lag x).


gl ^^!


gl H^o^T


HoT ftw \o/




gl ;)


kNopline wrote:
gl ;)

Could you please dig up older threads than this?


cool team really strong.. also cool lineups



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