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Differences between Warcraft 3 and Starcraft (FACTS)

If you have played both of these games and interacted with its communitiesl, you'll find these statements very true:

Warcraft is more entertaining and humorous, the more you play the more relaxed you'll get
Starcraft is more competitive and solemn, the more you play the more nervous you'll get

After defeating 2 insane computers in War3 you are capable of beating human players
After defeating 7 computers you'll still be losing to human players.

In war3 you can lose to the same strategy 8+ times and can't do anything about it
In starcraft you can lose to different strategies 8 times and can't do anything about it

In war3 you can basically play against all 4 matchups after you practicing 4 strategies
In starcraft you'll find out that the best TvZ players were once ZvT experts

No matter how far away your enemy is from his base he can save it by TP'ing back to it
In Starcraft sometimes you will keep taking baits and have your base destroyed.

You'll get all the information you need if you scout once every 5 minutes in Warcraft
You'll most likely to get false intel even after scouting 5 times for every 5 minutes in Starcraft

In warcraft, you'll feel relieved after winning a battle, and feel that your victory has been consolidate
In starcraft, once you're feeling proud for winning the battle you'll realize that your workers were all killed by a small task force of units during the battle.

In warcraft, the loser can basically type GG after his army is annihilated
In starcraft, you'll still won't know the results after 10+ annihilations of armies

If you mass defensive structures in Warcraft your opponent will call you a lamer.
If you mass defensive structure in Starcraft, your opponent will either drop his army at your main with dropships or destroy your defenses with a nuke.

In warcraft, you''ll flee on sight of air units if you don't have AA
In starcraft, you'll find out that your 4 Mutalisks can't save your base from getting destroyed by 3 groups of enemy zerglings

In warcraft a high level hero is capable of being a One Man Army
In starcraft an invisible unit is capable of being a One Man Army

In warcraft you will feel proud of your high level heroes and auras
In starcraft you will consider the unit who dragged spider mines to enemy tank lines as a true hero.

In Warcraft 3 the best you can do with 150 apm is to spam rally points
In starcraft you can barely play the Protoss race with 150 apm.

In Warcraft 3 even Starfall can distinguish between friends and foes
In starcraft a bad psy storm can kill more of your own units than your enemy's

In warcraft 3 its strategies change as the patch changes
In starcraft its strategies change as its players change

In warcraft 3,the future lies on its new patch.
In starcraft the future lies on its players' hands

In Warcraft 3, the game during patch 1.07 was totally different from patch 1.2
In starcraft 2, some slight unit buffs and nerfs from 1.04 to 1.08 and no changes were made ever since

In warcraft 3, you will see debates and arguments between players of different races, bitching about imbalance of heroes / units.
In starcraft if you ask which race is the strongest, everyone will tell you all 3 races are balanced and it depends on your playstyle.

In warcraft 3 you will find the community segregated just as the races in Warcraft 3
In starcraft you will find out that all players treat each other like friends and brother.

In warcaft 3 you will find out the players always argue for their own race.
In starcraft 3 you will find out players who argue for their own game.

After playing Warcraft 3, you will find out why it's so popular
After playing Starcraftr, you will find out why it's so unpopular

As a Warcraft 3 fan, if someone slanders warcraft 3 you will be mad and defend the game as much as possible.
As a Starcraft fan, if someone slanders Starcraft you give it away with a laugh and not waste your time to argue with him.

The more you play Warcraft 3 the more you think it's a good game.
Themore you play Starcraft the more you'll find out that it doesn't feel like a game.

After playing lots of Warcraft 3, you will find out that it's a great game and brought you happy memories
After playing lots of Starcraft, you will find out that your lifestyle is already integrated with Starcraft.

After playing Warcraft 3 you'll know the definition of "trendy".
After playing Starcraft you'll know the definition of "classic".


Hey, guess what. My opinions are facts now too because i say so.

Some funny stuff here though, especially about the invisible units. God damn banshees are so annoying!


Some true points, some pretty generalized ones. Atm there's enough bitching going on about Sc2 balance with P > T > Z > P or something.


It's not an opinion, I saw them from a website.

For facts I meant "chuck norris" type ones


A lot of true points, at least from my experience.


fact: war3 is better game overall and more fun and more spirit and better progaming scene


ixion wrote:
fact: war3 is better game overall and more fun and more spirit and better progaming scene

The only thing that War3 > SC in progaming is diversity given that Korean / European / Chinese players are equally skilled to make the tournaments dynamic, whilst koreans dominate most tournaments.

It's because war3 is easier to learn and starcraft is harder to learn. Stronger esports community -> better SC players.


Nice facts :)


-T- wrote:
In warcaft 3 you will find out the players always argue for their own race.
In starcraft 3 you will find out players who argue for their own game.

When did sc3 come out? I want to play it. lol... But a lot of these are so true, nice facts my friend


sc3 coming really soon ... maybe in 2055...
if you meant for sc2 its about to finish it closed beta ^^ i think.



Warcraft 3 is dead (or for those who like to lie to themselves - it's about to die)
Starcraft 2 just started to develope.

Warcraft 3 has a blademaster
Starcraft 2 doesn't


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