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Need strategy for countering mass tower turtles

So i as playing with orcs against another orcs the other day. within the first 4 minutes, i managed to pwn most of his armies with only his hero and his base alive. i thought "i got this, he's a noob", then, after my 3 mins of preparing, i went to his base and found that it is filled with 20+ towers, all fortified and upgraded with spikes. the first round i went in, i tp immediately b/c of the massive casualties but even with my 2nd round of invasion, which contained taurens + walkers fully upgraded attack and defense, i was forced to tp again b/c i lost half my army within the first 30 seconds. He just kept expanding while spending money to build massive amounts on towers, and his none stop blade master assault on my base was super annoying. I had no choice but to quit the game. Any advices on this situation?




get good


what race were you playing?


mass raiders abuse!!


Good troll


do the same and wait for him to leave


raiders and siege weapons(catapults) dont remember the name.....upgraded with burning oil


just expand ur self and dotn give him to expand with BM scout, build 1,2 towers on ur own if he is killing ur peons and thats it. Ofc creep and buy dust and chase him cuz if he lame like that he cant be more then lvl 2. Later do few radiers and catas, and thats it. OFc scout his units and make counter


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