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vote for lucifron!



Haha, Chinese fans going to fuck themselves over.. Looks like they don't want Lyn or Moon..


vote for lucifron/grubby/liild.c


underatker wrote:
vote for lucifron/grubby/liild.c

same :>




ToD, why would i wnat to vote for lucifron?




Luci, ToD, Happy - don't need to vote for Grubby cos he'll get enough anyway :P


why are people voting for xlord? only a few days ago he said he was quitting wc3 and how boring it is ~_~


this vote is a joke :) I dont know how many get trough but it should be

1 orc: grubby
1 human: tod
1 nightelf: liild.c
1 undead: happy

I guess there is too many german voters as you can see by the result :).


hm xlord just left the enc-team because he has not much support by germans...:D
but i agree, ixi shouldnt be third.

voted liil, tod, grubby, the three good races. no need for an undead.


voted for dc, lucifron, xlord


tod grubby liildc


grubby, lucifron, liildc


vote for sase if he goes to this tour he will be active again


vote for Grubby/Happy/DC!


haha leon above tod, hot, lucifron, liild.c and sase


how is XLord 3rd and hasb 4th? you wanna vote for players that will best represent West
xlord cant win a game in ngl and hasb isnt even in it

you must vote
best player-grubby
currently in red hot form - lucifron
wildcard - gotta be out of ToD, Hot, Happy or lil dc

i went grub/luci/tod


i guess every german votes for atleast one of their country, if not too plus their favourite player!


why can't I vote for TargA?



Hot and Luci deserve to stay in top 3, that's ridiculous !!


someone is abusing voting for sure....


LucifroN owns


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