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FoV to mousesports

"After being without a team for two months, the former mTw key player Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho finds a new home in mousesports. Together with Fly100% and TH000, he will form the roster in the WC3L and NGL - the other Chinese players Sai, Lyc, Qeki and Yumiko have been released earlier."

I would appreciate a best-of-7 with SK Forums hero TargA.


Didn't I just read something about mouz having lost their sponsors?oO

Nevermind, good news overall, even though I had hoped for a dreamteam of WeMoonedFov.


This is a great news for the entire wc3 community. FoV is a great man, not just a player, and he deserves a good team. BEST OF LUCK FoV & mouz!


I am a bit sceptic towards this...


I don't get this move tbh.
Are they gonna kick Hasu out now?


Fly and TH000 and FoV, pretty insane :P


no, why should they kick hasu? you shouldnt see him as a part of the international team, hes more like mouz.wc3.ger alone and also teamcaptain.

they need 3 player for wc3l etc, and hasu started to study(he took a progamer-year last year) so he doest train enoug to play at the highest international level, he focusses on his eps i guess.

but maybe he goes inactive after the season, they did a cut to the esl prizemoney :P


finally it's time for some Fov action again!


Well anyways, finally a decent UD is back and should have motivation to get in shape.
I'm tierd of all this bullshit fiend-failing we've seen lately.
Go Ghouls!


Miss fov, final between madfrog and fov was so cool =)


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