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who to beat flying units

hey, i play the orc race and i mainly go for 5 grunts 3 raiders 2 spirit walkers and 2 war drum thingies, and my only way to kill flying units is to ensnare them, and by the time i have killed 1 or 2 my whole army is dead. How do you guys do it?


b a t r i d e r s


orb of lightning




The answer is always blademaster


said it


against ud alot of strats work, against hu air nothing is cost effective, so you need a better economy or better micro. Even with both you may win the first 7 battles, but since you cant finish the game because of 999 towers, you still might lose after he builded 80 food air again.


search for Lyn/Gruibby/Fly/Who/Like replays and watch them! watch a lot of them! The war drum thingies are called Kodo Beast btw!


Why do you end every single match as the loser?


because everyone of them is very important and contains useful information ;)


bm lvl5 + orb
mass bats
alchemist 3rd hero




hex and orb of lightning, very very frightening.


ensnare, move out from battle, get your bats and blow the other up then take the fight.


batriders ?

bm + orb isnt that usefull because of the t3 tech , wich is needed , so in my opinnon u had 2 scout more and look what ur enemy is planning for then counter it. Scouting is very important in wc3


Tier 3 ???
damn it not that legend again , let's move on guys


Tier3 sucks ass :D Just go bm sh / fs tc wyws, raider, 1 or 2 kodo - latter, never ever go sw vs undead they suck, maybe if air is too much for raiders and wyws to counter go 3-4 bats :D


you play human and tower rush anyone you want


Brack wrote:
you play human and tower rush anyone you want

sure and then lose after TR fails


Well I always try to win before anyone has got a lot of air units, and if the game has been going on for so long that your opponent has mass air I think you should probably have "seen it coming" and made a counter-unit for this, like a few bats or a few headhunters.



spiders with web


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