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Lyn vs Soccer on MV ;o

Did anyone see their game today on MV? (downloaded through replayviewer so can't link, sorry). Such an epic game, one of the best i've seen for a few weeks. Some really great moves by both players, especially near the end when Lyn picked up his low hp raider (which was holding a surround on the DH) in a zeppelin, but managed to move his BM into place and keep the surround, killing the DH. There are a lot more nice moves with zeppelins and all kinds of nice micro moments.

If you haven't seen it i highly recommended.


:/ Make an article about it. "Golden play" Lyn vs. Soccer MV. Ye the game was pretty kick ass I agree on that :)


saw it yesterday,it was epic ~~~

a great game from both with some pretty sick moves near soccer's expo and the neutral goblin shop with zeppelin

but blademaster was a bit ridiculous


yeah near the end on the left goblin shop was epic when Soccer bought a Zeppelin and staffed it home, and the ensnare which Lyn throw was flying all over the map ;D


yeah nice game, a zeppelin in a gosus hand almost everytime guarantees some nice moves!


a Blademaster in some noob's hands almost everytime guarantees some nice and easy wins!


Despite the overpowered blademaster the game was pretty cool :)




When lyn was fighting 50/50 against like 70/80 of soccer i really expected soccer to win the match. nice game!


I dont get how playing the map has it was made and it was intended makes it any more special than any other mv replay



wtf are u talking?


WickedPeon: ignore him, he's dumb as fuck.


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