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GamlaSonn Comeback

Today a great human player came back from retirement and did a sick comeback as one of the best european humans he wtfpwned the mighty IG clan in a battle of very importmentness.

Even their players were close to forfeiting after g2 when gamlasonn showed his imbalanced skills,

Link to clanwar:


who will get him? sk or mym ??


both and WE too


yeah, mym should get him ,espescially after adding ciara, they might need a decent human for the harder wc3l cws i guess



people from norway are so fun


kisses thumb me down



Your humor is ridiculously stupid... seriously, danishboys (in particular knutzi and targa) should learn that sk-gaming community is not interested in their gay conversations.


You are insulting me by calling targa danish..


u need to have more than 10 euro in ur pocket to write a comment that matters in here, sry mostwantedlover and the other guy


haha best!


Other people just dont bother to tell you how retarded your conversations are =) And about my nickname - at least it means something, ya dig?


gamlasonn is half korean and half viking, he can call himself whatever he wants.



norway's humor is so funny...


now im going to enjoy my nerd carnaval


go back to the favela


lol i actually found it funny :>


My bad mate =)


I hate Norwegian humor


It's time to kick Norwegian people out of this forum. I can't stand their shit anymore.


the fun part is that they actually find this fun

and no targa i dont live in favela

go lose weight obese

only retard people would laugh for this topic

gamlanson is back?

who cares rofl

oh wait, norwegian people do care...


if you don't laugh about gamlasonn, then you're the noob.


Well i find them quite funny, cause they use a lot of irony towards bnet players who feel so important and staff;)


easily the funniest ppl in these forums, not many ppl challenging them here though, try not to be so angry cause you are unable to laugh at their jokes.


is CREO really from Norway?


is it true that targa is creo's brother?




Yes creo is norvegian, but no targa aint his bro, hes too stupid to be his bro :D


yes, you have by far the correct information to judge my intelligence and as i earlier stated, you have to have atleast 10 euros in your pocket to have a comment that matters. People without money 10 euro in their pocket stop posting





targa i think you should just lose some weight and not waste your precious time to post fail jokes in sk-gaming


lets meet irl and so i can kick ur ass???

yeah, thought so..


how can you kick my ass if you cant even move your leg?


i am karate pro, ask gamlasonn


Am I supposed to laugh at the joke of this topic, or the "conversation" following? I don't find any of it funny to be honest.


don't u people get it?!?
gamlasonn is back ffs! :D


Sergej ftw :)

gj GamlAKsonn


he gets loads of sellerie, so his win was only to be expected


Celery tastes bad :(


@ Shiraku:


why fail? just because he offended your friend that is from your country?

no, you fail.


everyone posting on these forums pretending not to know who gamlasonn is, automaticly fails


matta if you join gamlasonn fanclub i can convince henl to give you a few wc3 lessons for free : )


Targa we love u !!! :)




Knutzi- wrote:
matta if you join gamlasonn fanclub i can convince henl to give you a few wc3 lessons for free : )

sry but different from you its not part of my life to keep playing wc3 and become a pro player in europe


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