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wc3 bug with skype

hey everyone

iam just curious if someone else got this strange bug and if someone knows a solution!

I downloaded the newest skype version and if i wanna start wc3 or even trying to tab back to wc3 it doesnt work aslong as i dont have skype open on my screen or minimized in my taskbar. if i close skype and it is just as an icon in the right corner of my taskbar i can NOT tab back into the game.


Im playing with skype, and no, I do not have the bug :)


make sure the other guy your talking to has the same verison of skype. Ealse it can be that your and he's/she's router does't agree with skype.

Had that problem 2 years ago but then me and my mate didn't use same verison of skype so we just both downloaded the newest verison. gl


Think its the new version didnt have and still dont have any problems withe the old one


well its not about talking with someone via skype its about having the programm running in the background. It just have to be minimized or maximized ... :(


i have another problem when i play garena and my skype is turn on and if i close skype garena closes too


i don't have it either, works fine for me ;/


I only had bug with skype and ggc, when skype was on I just froze in the middle of game =(


I have the same problem and it is the most irritating thing ever...
@Reis just put it do DND and it would be fine. If not - reinstall skype.


same prob here with new skype version.


yeah, if u reinstall it, make sure you also clean everything from the registry!


well i had lots of bugs with new skype, so i put 3.8 back.

And i put dnd on for all the time, and there are no problems for me


hmm lol never had somethin like that :O


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