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FoV+ToD+Creo+Grubby= 4K's BACK!

So, we've got old amazing 4K team back in the free agent market. They should just join back and OWN them ALL, like the Ring. One team to rule them all.


agreed, they must combine their efforts now.
Maybe TargA can join the team too


We are talking about kings, not about 'Targa's'




for what? theres no league to show their full potential


If Grubby is in shape they maybe can qualify for the next WHL and TFL


yeah definitly the bootleg 4K.


You forgot Zues and Fury .


stop living in the past


shut up an die


INCASE you noobs havent realized this, creo is retired.


That would be awesome! But tbh I don't think we will ever see 4K in Action again :(


@Thread starter: Nice dream, however A dream...


Oldschool style ftw... but I don't think so


Wishful thinking, but i doubt you'd find a team who can afford their wages for starters.


dont think you can pay creo out of his studies, rest is ok, get them back!


If so then Grubby/Creo would be alot better then tod :)


ll be "reborn" of war3 if they back again in 4K!!


@TS You forgot some old 4K players, you're not a real 4K fan.


4K =

Creo (retired I know)
Demuslim (retired I think)


creo is still ranked as one of the 7 best players in the world. Now i do not think he will start playing again. But if he did I don't think he would need alot of time to get back in shape. And besides Creo is really fun to watch since you never know what he is going to do in any machup :P


u are clueless lol.Junior , Tillerman , KaJ , Myth (I think ?) even DIDI8 was part of 4K for some period of time ? Not sure about that.Anyway these were the initial players of 4K lol.I have never been a fan of this team and even I know them lol


Demuslim-joined 4K shortly before the wc3 section had been shut down,but not retired officialy.
LiilD.C-I am not sure if he even played more than 1 game for 4K,he joined the clan after demuslim.
Fury and Zeus-as far as i know,both are still playing,but haven't been on top of their game for about 2,maybe even 3 years now...

The rest are still active and still in the world's top,but it's very unlikely any single clan will bring them all up.Or who knows...It would probably attract a lot of sponsors and definitly would be the most popular clan in the whole wc3 community...


Man, don't you realize that Creo is inactive for more than a year now? Do you really think that he'll play just as he did back in 2007? It's even harder for him to gain shape because of the specific playstyle, which he had. So to answer your post, tod is better choice : )


yeah but no chance dude ;)


you forgot Zeus[19] and Fury


LOL, It's obvious a dream and Stengahoe, as I recall, U'r also a frequent 4K forum visitor back in the gooooood old U know U can bet Ur ass Im still a true fan from this glorious team....but pls, we should be honest....Zeus, Fury, Demus? Maybe Liil...but we all know that team was Grubby, ToD, FoV and Creo. And yeah, I know Creo's been ritired since WCG 2007...but dreaming isn't expensive...


Yep,that's the golden 4 :)


omg MADFROG is back!!1!1!1 11


The founders of 4K were TillerMan(retired after failing to qualify to ESWC 2003(?)),Zommy and CrazyAssassin.They firstly recruited KaJ,Zeus,KiKo (their previous team eSu was closed down) and Didi on event called ClickArena (that was the founding of w3 clan called 4K) in February 2003 and later Myth and Grubby,after ESWC,I think,and later Fury...
The rest is the legend:FoV,Creo,Tod and other players...
Oh,and ya all forgot Swedish orc player called Lawn,who was also a part of early 4K era...


so i was right about DIDI being a part from 4K =)


Yup,he was a part of 4K loooong time a ago,and although he was in 4K only for a short period,he was one of the original Four Kings,alongside with KaJ,Zeus(19) and KiKo.
EDIT:God damnit,this "reply" option sucks XD


Think of a team with


it would be fun to see ^_^


nice summary StarStalker, more here:
damn, anyone remembers KidArctica? I remember she once played 2on2 for SK with Dominator (?)


I dont think that she has ever been a member of the sk team , she was a manager/orga but never a player

Ofc I remember her , she was part of that legendary team with inso , madfrog , heman , zacard


Yup,I remembered I read it from wcreplays a loooooong time ago and what a miracle,that article is still there so I decided to re-read it when I saw this thread.I was once 4K fan myself XDDD
KidArctica was team leader/organisation member,but not a player.I think she was a shoutcaster too.


yeah, she wasn't a player but i am pretty sure she played in a 2on2! I guess they lacked a player; Map was gw iirc and i think they played double human! gonna search that replay!


ha, sorry for double post, but i found the match! It was SK vs rS almost 4 years ago, where the americans where able to beat SK 4:1:
my memory didn't embarrass me! :)


Actually they played 2 orcs ;> I had the replay just a day after it was released and firstly back then I was thinking that KidArctica was also a player.


Grubby ,ToD, FoV, Moon and we will have a new dream team under the name 4Kings ^_^


Das wonderbar ûber Fhûr!


It will be nice


Yeah! I think they should also add Sweet[SAINT] and showtime.werra


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