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Future of ex-MYM players


Do you expect them to find a new team ? Or will the future of wc3 be solo-leagues alone ?


I guess now we will have teams who consist from 1-2 players.Teams should start hiring REAL managers , not bullcrap idiots who barely know what esports means - signing players for 432324243232224234k euros per month and in the end the players not winning even 1% of that.Their contracts should be more flexible and in synergy with their performance - as WE does - a decent amount of sure salary + % of players winning prizes in addition.Thats why now WE has one of the best players in the world and is the only top team with full squad

"Owntisch is retard" can be applied now to like every wc3 manager except Hotlips


What about King? You forgot King... you can never forget King... he's the best war3 manager. Loseman & Nordahl is great too (was)


Just found news on german site claiming moon will likely join the Koream Team FOX. News say FOX offered him a slot a year ago but Moon failed to cancel his contract why MYM in time. There are rumors he will earn 16.000€ monthly which seems totally unrealistic to me.


16.000€ a year maybe, monthly just sounds ridicules.


First SK.WoW-Korea, now the return of SK.Wc3-Korea? Dreams are made of this... :P


NaDa gets 27.600 $ per month from WeMadeFOX (830k for 3 years), so the rumour about moon getting 16k/month is possible, esports in korea is a big deal. Moon in SKT1 with legends like Boxer, oov or Bisu would be insane :D




Maybe Moon will join WeMade Fox together with other ex MYMs and they will continue playing WC3L and NGL.


Dasdingoman you forgot about EVE. He is on the market now!


I can buy EVE


taking a joke seriously doesnt make you look that cool either, in fact it makes you look pretty dumb :D


i thought it was Ktf who offered him a slot, but wemade is also nice


Team leagues are dead.... this event proved it... i mean come on the More of Your Money disbanded all their players. Best wishesh and luck to all former mym players... gj guys! Really an epic team


Susiria said only play for fun and Moon probably will join a StarCraft team called WeMaed FOX.


I want 2 c them stay in War3 scene.


Game over for team leagues. Maybe this is the lesson to learn for Sc2, that a team of 5-6 players where maybe 2 of them win more money than they cost doesn't work out.
Those 2 making it to stardom are the money machines with sponsors and tournament organisers paying for expenses like travel costs and basic salaray while their team or management can make money of their merchandise. That's a working business concept.


I think blizzard have finger here, big concpiracy for killing w3 and playing sc2/wow


Yeah, Blizzard paid MYM to disband a team in a game that they (Blizz) don't care about in the first place... What are you smoking and where can i get some?


I have always known that u are kinda dummy , but man come on , do you know the word IRONY/SARCASM ?



gogo Sk.Grubby ! :P
Moon 16.000€ per month o0 ill ask:" who i need to kill?"
rly lol for pro-gamer he save lives like doctors!? hahaha sick
gl wherever they go or whatever they do!


do soccer or icehockey players save lives like doctors? No.. so why do they make more money then doctors?


@ixion: why is a diamond more expensive than a bottle of water?


top doctors earn more than 16,000 a month


yeah, but they also carry a shitload of responsibility on their shoulders; if they make a mistake, it's not an archer/grunt/ghul/hero that dies, but a human beeing!


because diamons are "rare", and water is like what?? 70% of the earth? ;]


Kaka earns 100,000 a week....


nice too see mym being the victim of their own policy. they were the team which raised salaries that much so every team had to do the same, now they can't afford their own team anymore. Thanks for killing warcraft MYM, glad to see you go down.


moon -> FoX ?
Susiria -> Inactive
Grubby -> Inactive ?
Lucifer -> Inactive ?
Soccer -> continue in solo leagues :)?


soccer -> continue iz zotacs :/


the problems is that wc3 isnt so big in korea, so i doubt that wemadefox will pick more then one player and give him high salary. It could be Moon or Lyn or WhO but both of them got teams besides moon. And in korea there is no clan-leauge so i think its not nesseary to have more then one good player. They other will just cost for the team. But it sad


I think that teams start to swap their mediocre players to better ones sooner or later, there is just so much top players available right now. Players can't have high expectations for their salary anymore and things will go more back to the direction they were some years ago. New teams wouldn't hurt the scene either but really hard to see any candidates. Also really curious to see what Fnatic will do, they have always done their own thing and not really sure how willing they would be to release the current players for some better ones as the teamleagues are more or less dead and their players hardly get any invitations to tournaments. If they did swap the players they could go really big assuming their CS squad works with get_right.


as soon he joins fox, he will be pimpin full of korean girls even more ;]


Moon will def. find a new clan.

And hopefully in a big SC-clan , since he will switch to SC2.


Well Moon is gonna join WeMadeFox and Grubby is gonna follow him IMO.


still no word from grubby? i'm worried;o


yeah in dubai


Zlatan earns more than 200,000 euro a week =)


i thought something like that.. but i knew Kaka 100% ^^


where will EVE go?
maybe WE ?




I love the new MYM team = European Power !! Grubby + Happy are my two favourite European players!


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