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Watch EM cast.


True, Rotti is a great caster, love it.

ToD is great too with his sarcastic style imo ;)


yea poor rotti tried to explain the 15% gloves of haste vs +3agility boots thinking but they wouldn't let him... nice cast anyway


The cast was awesome! Made me laugh so many times "Fly! FLy! FLY!! FLYYYYYYYYY! Ahhh fly...." or "Fly has build the great wall of china " orr "we should be rather exited for this bm kill...." Truely enjoyed the comments and the games


^ tosspot i think.




not Tosspot but his knowledge sucks he was saying something bad about Fly and Rotti said Please respect Fly . I love Rotti casting his knowledge and good command of english really helps


he said Fly looked like a lvl 20 Bnet orc or something... lol. But as he said the orcs played terrible this day


i really like the stream =))


I think the caster with Rotti was Templar? or something


yes it was Templar, he usually shoutcasts ESL Radio in German, nice guy


btw you can download the videos / vods of the casts here: --> scroll down to see the following games:

1. WarCraft - Grubby vs. HoT
2. WarCraft - Sky vs. TeD 12+WarCraft - Sky vs. TeD
3. WarCraft - HoT vs. TeD 12+WarCraft - HoT vs. TeD
4. WarCraft - Grubby vs TeD 12+WarCraft - Grubby vs TeD
5. WarCraft - Moon vs. Lyn & Infi vs. Fly 100% 12+WarCraft - Moon vs. Lyn & Infi vs. Fly 100%
6. WarCraft - Fly100% vs. Moon 12+WarCraft - Fly100% vs. Moon
7. WarCraft - Fly100% vs. Lyn 12+WarCraft - Fly100% vs. Lyn


definately great commentating.


im listening atm, Templar is als grat np with him, it's a good peer !


knew that since i heard/saw him first time!


2GD has also done superb interviews, you can check them out from here

Was surprised how good Sky's english is, didn't he just some time ago speak no english at all.


agreed, he is very good !


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