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Micro Videos? What is crucial?

Hey all, I'm working on trying to do a regular micro video collecting the coolest moves from the various Warcraft3 tournaments.

I've been working on the layout and looking at some other films. I found Skills to Pay the Bills ( is this really the "legendary" video everyone talks about or someone just used the same name?

Anyway few questions, I know people are not interested in seeing the upper bar (resources, supply, time of day etc..) but what about the lower bar? Funplayer suggested keeping the mini minimap in view to see what map it is but I am unsure how necessary that is if a clip is only 5-10 seconds each. Also how about unit picture, health/mana at the bottom?

I want to avoid it being too messy at the bottom but for some moves getting away on 2hp compared to 50 is very different.

SO basically what do you want to see in Micro movies? What annoys you about the ones that have come before?


or give me some links to ones you thought were particularly good!


I would simply appreciate to see the permanent health bars. I think it's really annoying not to see them...


I don't think the lower bar is usefull, and if it goes to youtube one won't be able to see the unit's health/mana anyways. Instead, why not go for a little more effort and edit the neccessary numbers (like health) somewhere in the clip. Like above each hero (it is only going to change in a few frames) or somewhere else where it looks good.

What I hate in wc3 movies. Clips that are too dark, really hard to see anything and even harder when they are compressed for youtube. Over editing, I really dislike this one - also seems to be a problem in so many wc3 movies. And it gets even more annoying when there is only so much you can do with the wc3 engine (like every movie has the camera rotating thing that works from Insert/Delete). And by over editing I mean that there are effects all the time, even when the action is on.

What I like or would like. If you can find vods of the clips in question and there is good casting try cutting the cast over the clip (works great in FPS movies if done correctly, makes it all seem more exciting). I don't think this has been done in wc3 movies. Try to arrange the clips in order, so that it seems like the new clip is a follow up to the previous one (same heroes, same races, day / night, same map, or anything similar to that).


thanks for some really cools clips!


Neither upper & lower bar are important imo,but you should have the hp bar on ,except for some big battle where there're so many units that it may look like a mess.Minimap is not needed since it's a video about "micro".

If micro moves in your video is taken from progamers' games ,imo you should show whose these moves are.

I'd glad to see as less effects as possible.Seriously those effects dont help me feel how good the micro is at all,just a waste of time.Only slow-motion & rotating are necessary.

The post above mine gives a really good suggestion:the casting. You can cut some clip from old vods (mostly korean ones) that had the commentators screamed like crazy when the players did a good move.(Vods from last NGL finals with rotti/toss casting are also suitable)


To put focus on moments or specific things like items or HP (or cooldown in first person vods for eg), you can use pause + zoom in/out effect like in this vid: Looks great imho.

Also multitasking can be a killer moment sometimes like double base kill or Blade waiting for tele from a battle to pick up red hero, etc... You can use split screen there, Tarantino style ;p

I believe that healthbar are the most important thing when watching micro though ofc. As far as the minimap is concerned, I wouldn't mind not seeing it, you can tell which map is it 99% of the time by just looking at the main screen anyway. What could be cool is text / voice to say "this is sweet vs moon on TM" (remember the double hero surround? ;)

The best to be taken from skillz to pay the bill imho is the production, music, superposition of hero talking.

I remember you posting a video of micro moments from your clan (with demuslim) and some sick moments too. Ben playing Orc and canceling surround with ww blade, and a MK that never died... ring a bell?


Showing faces of the progamers after a micro intense or awkward moment can be nice too (again cf moon's face after sweet double surround ;)


I suggested the minimap because in the particular screenshot Maly showed me I didn't recognize the map, it was probably Death Trap or AI.
Nevertheless, if the videos get released regularly then the map name should be given either together with the player names or via the minimap. That way people immediately know "Ah that's x vs y semi final match of tournament alpha".


i don't really like warcraft3 movies but i think i would pretty much like a movie gathering intense micro moves with some casters going nutz


micro movie should represent not only precise micro , but some smart moves.Like if the enemy is chasing your low hp hero and u do smt that u kill the enemy hero/block him , etc do something interesting.Dont put some coil/nova nuke bullshits , or ensnare surronds , scroll of speed surronds , DK+10 ghouls surronding a water elemental lol


Try to make a macro video with some Sky move, mortars invisible etc ;D


lol.. that wouldnt be cool.. it would be a shame to make a movie about sky (macro)


as long as the music suits the video and its not over edited it should be fine... LittleD's links are videos that i've watched/enjoyed in the past too.. stuff like that, where its really easy to see whats going on in each clip, and when its not, its made clear by editing..

was posted above but its the best one i ever seen. find good music to go with it is crucial.


i agree with hostilepulse here, things like ensnare-/boltsurrounds are a no go in a skillvid

i really like moves that are mostly smart, like moon splitting his army into three parts vs FoV on tm and attacking from all sides to use his advantage of having a more mobile army than fov had with abos/wagons - pure skill by moon!


Yeah I saw that on Youtube too, thats rly crazy he splitted his army into 3 parts! Moons Panda owned all the meat wagons I bet FoV was like "wtf?!"


get some shoutcasts of the games instead of music only


Link please?:)



it was in youtube under the name "20 Greates Moments Part 2"
here the part 1

Part 2 got deleted... Moons action was in Part 2 :(



sry for double posting in 1:00 u can see FoV's Gargs and Moons Panda


try to put the emotion and the tension in the games and maybe the importance of the moment.


btw, if you want it to make it special, do not only put short micro scenes in it, but all aspects of the game. So epic battles, ultimates, strategys and maybe even funny accidents and big mistakes/bloopers/useless actions. Not only 8 seconds fast reaction moves. Like ultra long towersieges, base raids etc.


I agree with hostilepulse and co,micro video shouldnt be just some hex/ensnare/coil/nova move,it should me a variation of moves that are nearly imposibble to execute from a spectators point of view.It should be a video that is based on a moves in a really hard situation where you require not only micro and skill but also inteligence and sense for the game itself...
The case that JAMROCK described was a perfect one,Moon really amazed me too in that video.
These are the situations that should be in every high rated micro video.


remind vs sky g3? huge pressure/epic moment?


who knows


U should use the regular game interface imo...


I could send you some of mine if u want.I think you might like 'em


good music is important; and i dont wanna see some ensnare or stun surrounds;


what is "good music"?


Ye,seriously,you can put in some surrounds,but they are pretty easy.Maybe some 4-corner surrounds or smth..Saving red hp units,zeppelin micro,archers vs ghouls in early game can be pretty interesting.Blocking,staffing units at rly low hp,staffing units while bolt/coil/whatever is in the air.Then using staff of preservation/staff of teleportation combo,staff of tp that saves you with low hp.
You could use pretty much the whole fight from grubby vs moon wcg 2008 finals g1 on TR(the one in the mid of the map,only big fight).Moon vs Fov from WC3L on SV from last season if u have it,some1 alrdy mentioned it.(splitting the dryad army into 3 parts).You could use pretty much every single game of FoV in UD vs NE-his early harrasement without losing any ghouls.There's a lot of good stuff out there.I still maintain that u should use the regular game interface.Good music is also important as stated above ^^


making micro vids are ezpz d00d.... Read that d00ds post ^ srs.


Just don't make the same mistake as everyone else and waste your time trying to edit some cool effects into the video. Nobody gives a shit about that, we just want to see some cool moves!


Agreed moonfire...100% true


So anyways, how is the vid comming along?
Done soon?
would love to see it


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