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The latest whine - orc vs undead

I just had to express the way I felt about this matchup!


oh man i am going to have nightmares for the next 3 months..


omg 5 crits in a row ... o.O wtf




there were 7 crits in a row i watched that place 5 times all i counted 7 :D


mb u should stop doing all these videos ? this one (like others) is awful


gr8 =D


I have no idea about whether this ladder game against lv 30 orc is real or fake. but it's weird for me not to assign any points to the lv 3 DK.

well I find them funny anyway....


You had to express how you feel about it, and i feel like you are quite a nerd....and btw the game is not real....


doesnt matter the vid is cool, like all tpn-vids


and seven crits in a row are a reason to whine...
once again a funny vod by tpn... hope he'll never stop making such vods


awesome vid.
Make sure Karune get`s to see it.
TPN the guy who brought us 1.22 may be responsible for 1.23 as well xD


SEVEN CRITS IN A ROW?!?!?! omg..


thats not real, 7 crits in a row ;D its modded for sure, and you can see how fake the game is with his lvl 3 dk and 0 spells etc, fun vid besides that


I knew i should've written a column about Like instead of Sky ;D;D;D


nice to see you doing your stuff again! :) well done


Awesome video, keep them coming!


omg! so imba! nerf orc!


it's obviously a modded map
he changed bm's critical chance to 100% on the map editor


Stupid bastard, you think Blizzard gives a shit about your whinning, your wasting time with vids dumb nerd.


die_noobelves imo


the most ive seen in ma paying time in real game is 4 crits :D

Btw orc vs ud isnt latest whine, it goes on for maybe 5 or 6 patches :D


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