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[??] No more rivalry in wc3 ?

With all these invite tournaments taking place and with Grubby, Moon, Lyn, Sky & others playing eachother everytime over and over, do you think the "rivalry" notion is gone ? Back in the days, when Grubby was about to face Moon, everyone would go nuts pre/during/post-match. And now they're team-mate ._.

Even Sky vs Grubby, ToD vs Moon or Lyn vs Sky just looks like ordinary nowadays, i feel like the grudge matches are gone and burrowed for good. We always get to see the same faces, no more incoming players ... I'm of course speaking for myself but it's getting hella boring, like there is no more enthusiasm.

Feel free to share your opinion


i agree.


4K vs MYM was like Barca vs Real Madrid or Manu vs Chealsea. Grubby/Tod alone @Wc3l Finals. :D. Good old times..




you are right. we need a promotion action like the one between kanye west and 50cent, that would be awesome!


well just change mappool in all leagues and we will see some new stars, with current maps our pros are unbeatable to others just becuz they know all the maps so good


Moon/Sky Moon/Grubby Grubby/ToD... No it's still very interesting to watch imo


yeah was always so nice the discussion between 4K and MYM "fanboys".. since grubby merced over.. everything has changed tt
now everything seems about europe vs china vs korea..


haha so true! So many haters disappeared! Now it's either against a player itself or his nationality.


Just to many invite tournaments, they invite the same people and never give someone upcoming a chance to prove themself. Lucifron did very well at blizzcon, sure as hell didnt see him get invited to anything. im happy to see so many tournaments but surely they should make more of them qualifiers, and they could still have invite only tournaments since everyone love to see the stars face off once it in a while. but lately its only them playing it seems.. and getting kinda boring....


how can it get boring to watch tod play? but i agree with you on the other players except tod :D


fanboy detected (dun worry, me 2)


You are totally right. And I think that it won't change...


I think it's because War3 is very hard to master. We have a few top players for years, and it's very very impossible that some new faces who only "working hard" severel months can be in the same level with them .


agreed, why cant they invite for example lucifron, im sure every1 would be excited and lot of cheering for this young player


I party agree with you and partly not.For example , look at Lucifron.He said that he has been playing wc3 for a bit over 2 years and now he is playing really really well , competing on the top level , although I havent seen him invited to a top-notch tournament it.Maybe just the game is already pretty old , there are many top players and its very very hard for someone new to do a "break though".Its true that all these invite-only tous play a role , but I think that most players lack motivation since the wc3 scene has been already established and as I said its really really hard to make it to the top.Something which Inso said in his interview for SK as well , same as Lyn.


Sure people wont improve their game, whats the point of spending day in and day out practicing just to see people like sase/hot (no offense they are good players) but they really aint on lvl with tod/moon/grubby/lyn/ted etc. yet they still get invited to stuff, so why no guys like lucifron/happy? that practice hard and play well? their simply aint the qualifier tournaments so that upcoming people can prove themself. only invite invite and invite and sure i love seeing top players play.. but i would like to see everyone having a fair chance to compete instead of this


I cannot agree with you about HoT , he might be inconsistant , but just look at his achievements.However , about SaSe , I completely agree


well happy always been top player, but he got his first invitational tournament invitation few weeks ago


He's not comparable to a Ted, Lyn, Sky, Infi etc. And he might often not have been invited because of the visa troubles, Russia would have. He's a very good player, though!


How can u talk such shit when u have no f#$ing clue about this?
It was always more about my own wish to go or not, i declined some invites some time ago, cuz i cant allow myself to pay out the trip from my own cash and even if i win it wont be any benefit for me at all.

I never had visa problems, if some russians made such an "authority" towards Russian players its their problems.

P.s. it was a reply to Sanix


That's why being at the top in starcraft is harder then at wc3, there are barely any invited tournaments, you always have to qualify.


omg . agree.


I agree, feels like the passion isnt there anymore, there is no game of wc3 which would keep me home or awake at 4 or 5 if it doesnt come along or have other things to do, back in the days i didnt care if grubby vs zacard was at 5 am, i would watch it at all cost, and grubby vs moon was such a big thing etc, now its all so standard, a week after there was another chinese tournament i already forgot the name of it + anything else than who won, while a few years ago you would nearly remember every game cause it was awesome, atleast thats the way it is for me ;p


all these invite tours sucks, it was allot better when they usually had some kind of qualification


I agree at all. Just to add that HoT deserved at least 90% of the invitations he had/have. SaSe was invited for his fame.. perfect example for the unfair invitational system.


I think qualification-based tournaments are far far superior to 'invite-only events. Nearly every column i write about WC3 mentions the ridiculous systems that asian tournaments use. But i think it's an over-simplification to blame this perceived lack of passion completely on tournament organisers.

I think Blizzard is at least equally to blame, for starters. While i don't feel that patches are necessary all the time, a little bit of love would go so far. People are disillusioned by Blizzard's complete disregard for WC3 and the game has grown stale. Not only that, but people feel like other games are going to take over - notably SC2, of course.

While i don't think it's quite as bad as some people are making out, there is an obvious air of discontent around the whole WC3 community. Threads like this don't spring up for no reason - there's no smoke without fire.

The thing is, this will actually get better the longer it goes on, as silly as it sounds. 'El Classico' isn't any less exciting just because barca play real twice a season, is it?


the good times are gone, unfortunately :\


twice a season or once every 2 weeks, you do the math ^^


was gonna say once a week atleast ^^!! but yeah seeing a replay of grubby/lyn vs Moon dont get me all excited like it use to !!


Where was the time that I stayed up untill 3-4 hour in the night, just to see grubby, moon, tod or sky playing? And when i woke up, i said i was sick, and didnt wanted to go at school to spam the forums... Yeah, nowdays I'm not even intrested to watch a game of sky in midday :/
Unless it's grubby vs moon, moon vs lyn, lyn vs grubby ...

The game is getting to standard, befor you start watching, you know what is going to happen... It's getting boring and the enthousiasm of the fans is gone.


Totally agreed.
I was like that myself,now(if it isnt some super uber match) I wont wake up in the middle of the night to watch Lyv vs some random opponent couse basically hell win in the same way in 99 % causes...
W3 is getting a little bit boring,its hard to improvise...


you can add "boring commentators" to the equation, the pgl guys have like no enthusiasm at all, they're terrible

we need guys like these :D


are u watching an english stream? where?
i totally agree! invite only tournaments suck! bring back some good old qualifiers!!!


Is there an English stream ?


no i'm watching the chinese stream


^don't think so


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